Coun 6201 Assgn 5

A Counseling Style Applied

Shaneka Moton

Walden University

A Counseling Model Applied


The Quest family is at a spot where they can be receptive to counseling. Paul and Jane are in agreement that they need help with their family. Her feels that she has two separate people that she's trying to mend into one. Paul spends a lot of his time operating and out from the home which will leaves Anne to take care of the house. The issues observed circle surrounding the care of the 2 boys, Jerr and Luke. Paul and Jane need to find support for their family members. However , they can seem to agree on the demands of the young boys.

Amy and Ann have their individual lives they are trying to live. It seems like they resent their mom because of most her focus towards the young boys. The girls might even feel that the boys separated their friends and family or carried off mother-daughter period. Paul and Jane get their ideas showing how to provide extra care and time for the boys. Equally parents tend not to seem to be coming to a common surface of what direction to go.

There is an obvious department within this family members system. Right now there needs to be effective techniques in place to help the Pursuit family develop positively as you family product. Each person in this particular family will need a proper function in making the proper changes to move ahead.


For the structural type of counseling, I really believe that the Mission family must be taken throughout the proper tactics such as-" joining, lodging, working with friends and family interactions, traffic monitoring sequences, enactments, intensifying, boundary making, reorganization, rearrangement, reshuffling, reframing, providing directives, and family mapping” ( Nasty, Long, & Young, 2010).

With each model of therapy, we have a goal to spot the problem and move toward change to minimize the issue. I might use the strength therapy version to help the Quest family members change in a much more functional way. " Strength family therapy aims to identify the present...

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