Economic Concerns

Economic Concerns Simulation

Understanding Economic Problems for HMO's

Castor Collins Health Program is a regional Health Maintenance Organization which has been contracted to supply health care insurance for Constructit and E-Editors. Castor Collins has to increase the insurance for another staff group named Dearden. It can be Castor Collins Health Plan's goal to provide the necessary insurance coverage, and still make a profit. At the time of vitality, Dearden's policy will need to be analyzed and modified to add protection and update if indicated to be profitable. The management group responsible for this review and implementation of coverage includes the CFO, the Chief Medical Officer, as well as the Executive Vp of planning and development, and the Vp of technique and financial planning. Constructit

The supervision team evaluated Constructit as well as need for coverage. This company requires coverage to get 1, 000 employees and is willing to pay $4, 000 in premium. The age group is 26-45 with 43% in a sedentary function style. The other 59% is energetic, either moderately or severe, in the staff. The workforce under the age of 30 can be 40%. The greatest obstacle in this group since there is a 39% obesity price among the employees. The team analyzed both standard and improved policies in this group and decided the fact that customized plan best fits the requirement of Constructit. Within the Castor Improved minor plan, the basic needs of medical services beneath inpatient and hospital solutions are included except weight problems care and sterilization. In order to keep the payments under the $4000. 00 range the following companies had to be excluded. These were outpatient services that included perspective, hearing, and custodial proper care. These exeptions keep the high grade under the $4, 000 range that the company was offering. The assessment team selected these ommissions based on the demographics of the company. The policy which includes obesity protection would not always be profitable pertaining to and...