High Petrol Pilferage


Rossly: Good stage Rosmee. Congratulations. You have carried out a very good job. Rossly: And so do you find a solution regarding large oil pilferage that we happen to be facing right now? Any information about what I ask you to find last week? Rosmee: Yes sir. I have done an investigation for that. But before that, let me highlight once again about the difficulties. Currently, our tankers are missing but not arrived at the destination, each of our palm oils' quality is compromised and because of our negative performance, each of our insurer, PHSB, they want to increase each of our insurance high quality.

: So , about Fast Management System (FMS), I think it's the best solution that individuals can perform to boost each of our performance. Aliah: Rosmee, is it possible to explain in more detail regarding the system? We keep experiencing that identity since the other day, but I possess no idea in any way, what the method is all about. Rosmee: Yes, sure. I was about to describe it. Fundamentally, this is based on my own analysis. Probably Mukhriz knows better about this system. So , I am hoping you can add more details if there is something lacking in my reason later on. Mukhriz: Definitely. A few listen to you first.

Rosmee: Ok, FMS is actually a great advance satellite tracking and life monitoring system. A GPS system which occurs between moments the commodity is carried from the generator to the refinery. It will get around the tankers. The system will marks the date and time the tankers enter in a hotspot and how very long they stop at rest areas and consuming shops. It allows a firm to locate much more than 70 hotspots in the Peninsula where CPO siphoning was rampant. Ramly: So , what are you looking to say is definitely, it can identify our motorists or each of our tankers if they go off from their original route. Would it be? Rosmee: You are absolutely correct. Because of that, we can location if our drivers stop at any different place, transform route or perhaps if that they try to rob the oil. Mukhriz: I want to add extra. Apart from that, if you were about to put into action this system, you...