Nur 408ps Week 6 Discussion Problem

Neighborhood Public Coverage DQ #3

Do you think this represents a public security or public well-being issue? Public welfare issues happen to be any actions or event that would jeopardize or cause harm to individuals or families in the neighborhood. In the Community scenario about the Young's family, whose child Marcus has just been struck by a car, which occurred due to boosting in the community would be considered a public well-being as well as general public safety concern. Mrs. Youthful contacted her congresswoman along with had petitions signed in order to have speed lumps placed in the area streets in order to reduce traffic cars, which may harm and jeopardize the health, safety and welfare of men and women, especially children in the area.

How does this exemplify just how legislative process influences public health? I believe this scenario illustrates how the legislative process influences public health in several ways. The legal process determines which type of policies or laws can be in the citizen's best interest along with community's best interest through a bulk vote. I think that the downside of this process is the fact sometimes the decisions are produced from the majority have your vote, which does not benefit the regular citizens, just like concern mothers in the community.

Do you consider the Neighborhood authorities should have served in a several manner within this issue? I believe that the Neighborhood council must have acted within a different manner regarding this problem because research have shown that you have many benefits of speed bumps on neighborhood streets just like speed control and lowering of drivers who have intend to travel fast, in order to protect the protection of people.

What might Angie Young and supporters of the acceleration bumps have done differently to get a more advantageous response through the neighborhood authorities? I believe that Angie Aged Proponents with the speed bumps should have completed more analysis, provide stats on the benefits...