Segment Analysis Marketer Mary and Owner Ollies

Marketing expert Mary (MM) is a sort of customers with company size from twenty six to 75 people. This usually comprises marketing experts with well-informed knowledge of web 2. 0 in the company. Therefore the inbound advertising tools LOGISTIK need will be more sophisticated ones, which can help all of them conduct more in depth level examination of customers. To obtain this type of buyer, it costs $5, 1000. But if HubSpot acquire MM successfully, they have lower crank rates, three or more. 2%, in comparison with Owner Ollies' 4. 3%. MM makes up 31% of HubSpot's buyer portfolio last year.

Should HubSpot (HS) goal Marketer Martha segment?

3Cs research:


-MM Accounts for just 31% of HS's customer portfolio

-Costs HB $5, 000 to buy MM

+$500 initial asking fee, 500 usd ongoing regular monthly fee, which can be more than OO + The products that Hubspot provide satisfy sophisticated demands of MM, because HS provides finish series of inbound marketing equipment -Might consider to restore pricing unit for LOGISTIK. As their business needs is more complicated, but the start-up consulting fee is the same as OO +Roberge thinks they can get more money upon MM since OO has a lot of macroeconomic risk, i. e. small enterprise is risky during recession +/-Founders think really better to give attention to one just one segment (p. 11) +/- Volpe resist on using inbound advertising only, rather than combining both inbound and outbound


+MM are larger businesses (26-100 people) with marketing professionals in the companies +MM had more money to spend about HubSpot's products (more affordable) -Need much longer approval procedure. It needs to become signed up simply by high level of managers +HB's products such as analytics and reports are definitely more attractive to MILLIMETER, so MILLIMETER will have larger acceptance price of HB's products. +More educated in Web 2. 0 than OO

+Lower crank rate (3. 2%)


+/- The majority of competitors perform in only one area of three types in customer direct -Competitors in inbound advertising are getting even more crowded than before -Competitor (Marketo) has...