20 Famous Women

20 Popular Women 30.08.2019
 20 Popular Women Analysis Paper

Josephine S. Baker- (1873- 1945)

Worked mainly with children and discovered how important holding is to a childs health. She also countless silver nitrate eye drops and enhanced the application method in babies. Baker was your first girl to be associate surgeon general in the U. S.

Olive Ann Beech- (1920-1986)

The girl was cofounder of Beech Aircraft and eventually became CEO and converted the company in a multimillion-dollar international aerospace corporation.

Elizabeth Dark night Britton- (1858-1934)

She was obviously a botanist who will be credited for achieveing the idea pertaining to the creation of the Nyc Botanical Home gardens. There are 15 species of plants named after her.

Jane Colden (1724-1766)

Your woman was the initially to classify plant life by the Linnaean system. In addition, she published the first illustrated flora of recent York.

Bessie Coleman (1893-1926)

She required flying lessons in The european union because your woman was not allowed to in the U. S. The girl then started to be the initial African American female to be a licensed pilot. Her life was ended unfortunately in a airline flight accident.

Marie Curie (1867-1934)

She is recognized for her work together with radioactivity. She was awarded the Nobel prize to get the isolation of natural radium. Your woman eventually died of leukemia that was thought to be cause from the exposure to radiation.

Ellen Eglui (late 19th century)

She developed the garments wringer for washing machines. Your woman sold that patent rights for $18. 00 mainly because she was afraid this wouldn't become successful due to her color.

Rosalind Franklin (1920-1957)

She discovered the helix shape of DNA. Most of her work was stolen simply by Watson and Crick who were awarded the Nobel reward for the discovery in the double helix. She passed away from tumor at a young age.

Sophia Germain (1776-1831)

She was a mathematician and who taught her personal much of what she realized. She was obsessed with learning how to the point that her parents were scared for her wellness. She came across Sophia Germain prime figures which demonstrated that the first case of Fermat's previous...

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