Advertisements Conveys Cultural Message

 Ads Provides Social Meaning Essay


Set of questions

A study about Consumer attitude and belief towards advertising for sociable messages in Red Pepper Press.

Note: Please proceed as long as you enjoy advertisements. If you don't, then i implore you to return the blank customer survey.


Q1. Gender?

Male Female

Q2. Which age bracket do you are part of?

21 years 30 years thirty-one years 40 years 41 years 50 years

Q3. Which month-to-month household salary group do you really belong to?

Rs. 15, 000 Rs. twenty-five, 000 Rs. 50, 1000 Greater than Rs. 50, 1000

Q4. Could you please tell me the amount of period spent by simply you daily on viewing television? (Please choose one answer)

Less than one hour 1-2 several hours 3-4 hours More than four hours

Q5. What is your attitude towards viewing television advertisements? (Please select one particular answer)

I browse the funnel when advertising are shown

I observe the advertisements because they are aired

I intentionally watch advertising

Q6. Maybe you have seen any kind of ads in TV that convey interpersonal messages?

Yes Simply no

Q7. Which will social cause organizations ad do you keep in mind?

Q8. Does any of the cultural message ads created an impact on you?

Yes Not any

If yes, Mention…………………………………..

Q9. Are you involved in any of the social cause?

Yes No

If you do, Mention…………………………………..

Q10. If yes condition whether you could have joined in particular social cause after seeing their very own ads?

Yes Zero

Q11. Which in turn of the interpersonal messages do you remember through ads through the following?

Conserve Gasoline (switch off the car at the signal)

Child education

Educate for India

Save trees and shrubs

Eye donation

Others(please specify) ________________________

Q12. What part of the social ads you have seen do you really recall?

Highly DisagreeDisagreeNeutralAgreeStrongly Agree

I remember the cause they are linked with12345

I remember the sociable message12345

I remember the...

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