An dissertation on foodstuff security and sustainable intensification

 An composition on meals security and sustainable rise


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Constructive devastation: What must be changed?

A great essay on food security and sustainable intensification

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Robin Bourgeois

Senior Foresight Expert, Global Forum on Agricultural Research UMR ART-Dev, CIRAD

2013 - No . 1

Constructive destruction: What has to be altered?

An article on meals security and sustainable amplification, rise

Robin Lout

Senior Experience Expert, Global Forum in Agricultural Research1 UMR ART-Dev, CIRAD

Daily news presented in the " Agriculture Days of the Future” 2013 conference, Ossiach, Austria, Summer 17-19.

" We are for a critical point in history, which could bring about widely contrasting futures. It is our legislation that the upcoming is certainly not set in stone, nevertheless is delicate, the result of an interplay between megatrends, game-changers and, above all, human agency. Our hard work is to motivate decision makerswhether in govt or outside-to think and plan for the future so that negative futures tend not to occur and positive ones have a better chance of unfolding. ” Supply: National Cleverness Council


history of revolutions [... ] illustrate the same process of

industrial mutation–if I may use that biological term–

that incessantly revolutionizes the economic composition

from within, continuously destroying the old one,

continuously creating a new one. This technique of Innovative

Destruction is a essential truth about capitalism. ”3

When I was acknowledged to deliver a speech pertaining to the

convention on the Culture Days of the Future, the

planners asked me to get a thought-provoking

intro starting from the idea of " imaginative

destruction” that was coined by Schumpeter. Without a doubt,

I found the following quote by Schumpeter quite


This extract reveals the fundamental position that

discontinuities play in the progression of capitalism. The

concept is that discontinuities induce the destruction

from the former financial structure and induce the

creation of new ones. Because, in parallel, foresight4 concentrates

on discontinuities (also called ruptures)5, 6th, 7 that makes

sense to explore how the acts of looking forward

could be related to a process of creative destruction.

My personal intention through this paper is usually to apply a constructive

destruction process into a couple of sizzling issues in

agriculture. These issues are correspondingly food protection,

sustainable amplification, rise and quantophrenia.

" Capitalism, then, through nature a form or approach to

economic alter and not only hardly ever is nevertheless never may be

stationary. [... ]The fundamental instinct that units and

maintains the capitalist engine in motion comes from the

fresh consumers, goods, the new ways of production

or transportation, the modern markets, the new forms of

commercial organization that capitalist organization creates.

[... ]#@@#@!!... the history of the successful apparatus of the farm, from the beginnings from the rationalization of crop

rotation, plowing and fattening for the mechanized factor

of today–linking up with lifts and railroads–is a

one particular

Setting the condition: locked-in foresight

The link between discontinuity, capitalism and

experience can perhaps best be summarized with this

remove: " The objective of foresight should be to take advantage

of the competitive characteristics by browsing ‘weak signals'

to foresee discontinuities and either pre-empt them

to protect the business's current competitive position or perhaps

put a strategy in place to make sure that the company can trip

the discontinuity to a major market position... '

almost eight

. Indeed, organizations are increasingly using experience for

strategic planning, for the point that it is now included

in courses offered by business management

educational institutions or Universities9. Likewise, catalogs on experience

and ideal management possess flourished. Experience

is as a result considered as musical instrument with potential

to help the evolution of capitalism through

the anticipation of...

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