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Guided Dissection Week 9 - Lower arm or leg

Gluteal region

1 . Help to make some slanted incisions across the gluteal place and echo the skin and superficial fascia laterally. a. On the gluteal region clean:

i. The top of gluteus maximus

ii. Above gluteus maximus you will see parts of gluteus medius 3. Look for cutaneous nerves offering this location.

b. Below gluteus maximus expose the fascia hojalata of the detras thigh yet leave it in place. 2 . Indicate gluteus maximus:

a. Characterise thoroughly the edges from the muscle and mobilise this as much as possible. Remove it in the sacrum and ilium simply using a scalpel to shave the muscle through the bone, after which reflect this laterally. Be aware in how far down you shave the sacrum. m. Be careful not to minimize:

i. The sacrotuberous soft tissue that is situated deep the inferior border of gluteus maximus 2. The trasero cutaneous neurological of the upper leg.

3. Discover the newly uncovered constructions, from above down: a. gluteus medius

b. excellent gluteal ships

c. piriformis muscle

deb. inferior gluteal nerve and vessels

electronic. sciatic neurological

f. the gemelli as well as the tendon of obturator internus

g. quadratus femoris.

5. Locate the ischial backbone and sacrospinous ligament, then simply find the interior pudendal boats and pudendal nerve that cross the sacrospinous soft tissue to enter the lesser sciatic notch plus the perineum. 5. Remove the perianal skin and after that take the excess fat out of the ischiorectal (ischioanal) depressione to expose the levator ani muscle and the inferior rectal nerves and vessels planning towards the anus. 6. The pudendal nerve and boats run within a fascial (pudendal) canal for the lateral wall of the depressione. 7. You should be able to push your finger forwards, above the urogenital diaphragm into the preliminar recess from the ischiorectal fossa.

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