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 ANY Behaviourism Skinner Composition

The Behaviourist Perspective 3: Operant Fitness

You need to be capable of:

Describe the process of operant fitness

Outline the theories of B. Farreneheit. Skinner

Assess the contribution with the behaviourists to Psychology

Burrhus F. Skinner and Behaviourist Psychology

W. F. Skinner was greatly influenced by simply Watson's behaviourist ideas. However , he as well realised that the psychology suggested by Watson had some serious flaws. In particular, a psychology structured wholly on classical fitness assumes that organisms will be essentially unaggressive – they just hang around waiting for stimuli to respond to. To Skinner it seemed obvious that people and family pets actively engage with their surroundings. Skinner's important insight was that an animal's – or maybe a person's – behaviour was determined by the outcomes of it is past behavior.

Skinner's Primary Ideas

Main Idea

Operant conditioning




Stimulus control

What's This kind of?

A type of learning in which future behaviour is determined by the consequences of past actions. In general, if a behaviour ends in something that the organism locates pleasant, it is likely to be repeated. Conversely, if behaviour is usually followed by annoying consequences, then it is improbable to be repeated.

A support is a consequence that fortifies a actions or can make it likely to be repeated. Note that support is never the same as an incentive. A reward is an example of great reinforcement (the presentation of the pleasant stimulus). However , conduct can also be increased if it causes the removal of anything unpleasant (negative reinforcement).

A punishment can be described as consequence that weakens a behaviour or perhaps makes it not as likely to be repeated. It can involve the demonstration of an upsetting stimulus or the removal or a pleasant one (sometimes these are referred to as great and negative punishment). A process used to instruct complex behaviours. A complex actions is split up into...

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