Argumentative Draft: Can Women Work Like Men?

 Argumentative Draft: Can Ladies Work Like Men? Dissertation


10, December 2013

Argumentive 1st Draft

Female sports must be treated equally to guys sports. Ladies are capable of maintaining and competitive with men. People need to appreciate that we girls can be wonderful athletes the same as guys are. A lot of people think that girls will be fragile and scared to get hurt; but they work just as hard as guys and equivalent rights!

A lot of people feel that girls will be fragile and scared to get harm when in fact they push themselves just like hard as men do. Women works out to stay fit and force themselves and so they become more robust and not thus fragile. They also know that if they are playing a sport they may be at risk of an accident. This is another reason why females go to the fitness center. They want to build up their muscle tissue so they are really less likely to have injury.

Women often work just like men perform. Women engage in all year about sports just like men carry out; therefore they have to train equally as much as them! They need to be on top rated of their game because if they slack off slightly their opposition could easily know her weakness. Girls also will press themselves used and make sure that they get the activity they are said to be doing climate its working sprints or perhaps learning fresh moves. They are going to practice in rain or sunshine just as the men carry out.

Ladies also have the equal correct amendment which in turn states that everybody should be the same. Women are able to receive that same amount of scholarship money wanted to a man athlete. A woman could be as good being a male in a sport. A lady has just numerous rights while men carry out and they needs to be rewarded if they are equally great as a man playing that same sport.

To conclude, these are difficulties reasons I think that women athletics should be cared for equally to men's sports activities. People think girls are very fragile and that they are worried to obtain hurt. Women work just like hard every men sportsperson does. You also should be cured equally to your success!

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