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Sasa International Cooperation Limited


Talk about the environmental makes and their influence to this company

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Sa Social fear International Cooperation Limited is known as a leading cosmetic makeup products retailing group in Asia. Listed on The Stock Exchange of Hk Limited in 1997 (Stock Code: 178).

The company was founded by simply Ms. Eleanor Kwok and her spouse Mr. Bob Kwok 33 years ago. Headquarter is in Chai Wan, Hong Kong.

As of February six, 2013, that operated approximately 260 shops and surfaces.

TheВ Group uses over 5, 800 personnel in Hong Kong, Macau, Landmass China, Singapore, Malaysia andВ Taiwan.

The Group provides over six-hundred brands with 16, 1000 items of skincare, fragrance, make-up, hair care, body care products, into the beauty health supplements and gents skin care products beneath international brands includingВ own-brands and exclusiveВ products such as Elizabeth Arden and Romandie Programme.

In addition, it offers round-the-clock online shopping services ( along with product and corporate data


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Sasa emphasize they provide " worth of money” to the customer. By providing quality products in competitive price throughout the market, Sasa serves reasonable priced products teens, young adults to luxuries manufacturer for business girl, demanding user. Sasa internet store ( will serve customer whom enjoy the convenience of shopping online. They will attract consumers to make an effort their products.

Situation in marketplace

Sasa is recognized as a prime cosmetics retailing and natural beauty care services group in Asia. They give one-stop cosmetic makeup products specialty retail store and offer a diverse product range having a full price range.


Sa Sa Standard Website:

Analysis of the key macro-environmental forces

1) Political Causes:

Federal government Regulations -- Individual Check out Scheme applied in 2003 Tourists improve Beauty and Personal Care selling industry

The tourist sector is a power because strong influxes of Mainland Oriental tourists always pour into Hong Kong, especially since the person visit system was implemented in the year 2003. This band of visitors assists drive good sales in beauty and personal care selling channels.

The elevating number of tourists from mainland China enhanced the industry's performance, specially in skin care, to a great extent. High quality confidence is the main selling point of Hong Kong's beauty and private care products. Visitors from mainland China trust the beauty and personal care products sold in stores in Hong Kong. 2) Economic Factors - Solid economic efficiency

The solid economy were able to squeeze GDP growth of five per cent in 2011, ongoing the constant momentum of economic economic recovery. Hong Kong's retailing market (including plastic retailing) was one of the main contributors with double-digit growth in current benefit terms. Pumpiing

Beauty and personal care noted strong growth in worth sales in 2011. Growth was faster than 2010 for the reason that high pumpiing led to an increase in unit rates, while the recovery of the economy stimulated spending by community consumers and tourists. Money: Exchange price of RMB to HKD

Tourists coming from mainland Chinese suppliers benefited from your exchange rate of RMB to HKD and buy more in Hk.

Low Unemployment Rate

The steady monetary growth offered healthy job opportunities and reduced the unemployment rate. As a result, a greater in salary fuelled home-based consumption inside the city. Social fear Sa is usually benefited by economic development. 3) Social-cultural: Growing affinity for socially dependable products Sa Sa tend not to focus on...


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