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Seoul National University or college

Supply Sequence Management

May well 11 – May twenty two, 2015

Research Assignment

Finished assignment is due at the start of Session 7 on Tuesday, May 19. This project is to be designed in a group of 2 or 3 students. Submit a hard copy, not an electronic digital copy (typed answers are preferred). Show your job clearly and explain your reasoning in depth. You will not receive a credit in case the instructor are unable to understand what you may have done due to insufficient reason.

(Q1-Q2) Teddy Bower the Newsvendor

(To answer these two questions, make use of the Standard Regular Distribution Function Table; among the purposes of those questions is to give you a hands-on experience in using the desk, which you will likely need to do inside the final test. )

Teddy Bower is definitely an outdoor clothing and components chain that purchases a line of coats at $12 each from its Asian supplier, TeddySports. Snuggly Bower predictions that its demand is normally distributed with mean of two, 100 and standard deviation of 1, 2 hundred. Teddy Bower sells these parkas at $22 each. Unsold jacket have no salvage worth.

1 . Just how many parkas should Snuggly Bower buy from TeddySports to optimize expected earnings? 2 . In the event that Teddy Bower wishes to ensure a 98. 5 percent in-stock probability, how many coats should it buy?

(Q3-Q7) Parka production preparing

(Review the Sport Obermeyer case analysis to answer these concerns. For these concerns you do not need to work with the Standard Normal Distribution Function Table or Excel spreadsheet formula, seeing that all relevant data happen to be computed and provided to you in the table below. ) A firm markets five can certainly ski jacket. The demand for each and every parka is normally distributed with mean  and common deviation . Data about these five parkas happen to be listed below:















you, 000

a couple of, 000

3, 000

two, 000

you, 000







thirty five. 2

twenty eight. 7

twenty-two. 8

18. 5

12. 8



52. 8

49. 2

forty five. 6

40. 0

35. 4...

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