dark beer demand foretelling of

 beer require forecasting Dissertation

Vol. 10, No . 3, May possibly 2010, pp. 142–145

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doi 15. 1287/ited. 1100. 0048cs

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Predicting Beer Require at Anadolu Efes

Murat Köksalan

Office of Industrial Executive, Middle East Technical School, Ankara 06531, Turkey [email protected] metu. edu. tr

Selin Özpeynirci



Department of Industrial Systems Engineering, Izmir University of Economics, Izmir 35330, Poultry, selin. [email protected] edu. tr

Haldun Süral

Department of Industrial Engineering, Central East Technical University, Ankara 06531, Turkey [email protected] metu. edu. tr

Key words: forecasting; regression model; demand estimation

History: Received: January 2009; accepted: Feb 2010.

Forecasting Beer Require at

Anadolu Efes

Advice about the beer creation process, great beer, and alcohol consumption in Turkey receive in Characters 1–3.

Efes Beverage Group is the drink division of

Anadolu Holding, certainly one of Turkey's leading conglomerates. Anadolu Holding opened in 1969 and features principal passions in the refreshment, automotive,

finance, restaurant string management, and office items sectors. Efes Beverage Group produces and markets ale, malt, and soft drinks throughout a geography that consists of Turkey, Spain, the CIS countries,

Southeast Europe, as well as the Middle East. Anadolu Efes

(or Efes in short) is the ale division underneath the Efes

Refreshment Group (see http://www.anadoluefes.com).

Since 2006, Efes was one of many leaders of the beer

industry in the region using its 16 breweries, 6 malt

plants, and 1 hops processing service in half a dozen countries.

Efes has a preparing capacity of 3. 3 billion liters and a

malt production ability of 236, 500 loads annually.

Efes has a share of about 78% in the Turkish beer

marketplace. Efes Pilsen, Efes Mild, Efes Darker, Efes Extra,

Efes Snow, Marmara Kirmizi, Marmara Gold, Ritmix,

and Gusta would be the popular flavors supplied by Efes....

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