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Logos, slogans and branding certainly are a big element of advertising today and have been a major part in the past. Companies use millions to have the consumers attention. Advertising checked out with shut reading in mind may replace the thoughts of shoppers. Closed examining is defined as regimented reading of your text or other subject. Everyone at some time is a sealed reader. We all begin learning to read because closed readers because our company is looking at every word independently and the which means it has to the full story. Since adult closed readers, our company is looking for the phrase play, the hidden which means or the puns that the copy writer provides. In advertising, you tries to determine whether others might find the same which means or will certainly they become misled. The object of closed reading should be to unravel the text and share the meanings that are used to teach and enlighten. Bill Bryson gives examples of the various interpretations that are given for different products in the " Hard Sell: Advertising and marketing in America” in the Browsing Pop Tradition anthology of closed browsing. Eastman Kodak was the precursor of American advertising and marketing as far back as 1895. Their initial strategy was going to appeal towards the mass market. Eastman nevertheless was that he'd rather produce a little funds from a lot of people instead of a very little money via a few people. Eastman even find the word Kodak because it could not be mispronounced nor was it anything that was attached to everything else. Other companies acquired slogans that have been very unforgettable, for example: " Good to the last drop” from Maxwell House Espresso and " When it rains it pours” from Morton Salt. These kinds of slogans did not require much closed defined reading. Others did not arrive so easy and some even had to be changed to get the consumer attention. As marketing becomes a growing number of sophisticated the need for closed reading grows. By the 1920's, marketing started to showcase the things that the customer knows and doesn't understand. The Gillette...

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