Bio Field Ecology within a Site for Bacong, Negros Oriental

 Bio Field Ecology within a Site for Bacong, Negros Oriental Composition

BIOLOGY thirty-three


A field ecology study by using an enclosed mixture

located in Bacong, Negros Asian


1 . 1 . Background

The world is in a continuing change, and with this, every human being adapts to these changes. Ecology plays a serious role in how the community and its habitants work. Before we start, to have a more deeply understanding, allow us to define ecology. So what is usually ecology? In University of Western Cape's introduction with their botany course, they identified ecology. Within their introduction, it absolutely was stated that ecology may be the scientific study of interactions of organisms with each other and with the physical and chemical environment. Though it includes the study of environmental problems such as polluting of the environment, the science of ecology generally involves study on the natural world by many opinions, using many techniques. Modern ecology relies heavily on experiments, in laboratory and field options. These approaches have proved useful in tests ecological hypotheses and in arriving at practical decisions concerning the managing of natural resources (University of Traditional western Cape, 2006).

Furthermore, that they stated that the understanding of ecology is essential pertaining to the your survival of the human being species. Our populations happen to be increasing speedily, all around the world, and are in grave hazard of outstripping the earth's ability to supply the resources that we need for our longterm survival. Furthermore, interpersonal, economic, and political factors often affect the initial distribution of resources necessary by a certain human population. An understanding of environmental principles can help us be familiar with global and regional effects of competition among humans for the scarce organic resources that support us.

Ecology can be described as science that contributes noticeably to our comprehension of evolution, including our own development as a kinds. All evolutionary change happens in response to ecological communications that work on the population, community, ecosystem, biome and biosphere levels. Research conducted within the scientific willpower of ecology may for that reason focus on one or more different levels: on foule of a solitary species, on an interacting

community involving populations of many types, on the activity of matter and energy through a community within and ecosystem, on large-scale techniques within a biome, or upon global patterns within the biosphere.


At the end from the field physical exercise, we should be capable of conduct a survey from the area, discover the characteristics of the community, and estimate the density of common microorganisms in the community surveyed. We are just limiting the study towards the aforementioned range.


3. 1 . The Site

With this experiment, were to select a website of our picking, be it terrestrial, aquatic, and so on. The group has made the decision that the site we choose end up being terrestrial. The website is located in Combado, Bacong, Negros Oriental. It is around 12 km faraway from Silliman College or university and will take around 15 min to get there (Figure 1). It has a total part of 3640 m2 (Figure 2). The site is usually an enclosed chemical substance owned simply by Arch't. Felix Villahermosa. The site was originally used while storage web page for all structure equipment. This can be clearly displayed, for example , by piles of concrete empty blocks and roofing components as shown in Figure 3. As a result of large empty part of the whole lot, the owner made a decision to plant different plants and trees, just like coconuts, plums, and blueberry. In addition , the owner also chosen to raise a lot of poultry animals. He includes a caretaker to accomplish all the previously mentioned.

3. installment payments on your Layout and Survey

Before we started laying out the transects, we have gathered the next materials pertaining to the discipline activity:


10-m measuring tape


2 progresses plastic chain (50 meters each roll)


4 wooden twigs




Observing pen


DSLR/digital camera

To begin with, the wooden supports were sharpened...

References: College or university of American Cape (2006). What is ecology? Retrieved from [Accessed on 22

Sept 2013]

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