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Blood Bank 06.09.2019
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Blood banking law

RA 1517: Blood vessels banking law

June 16 1956





RA 7719: Repealed or repeals 1517

Might 5 year 1994

The nationwide voluntary blood services act

AO 9 s. 95

Ao 17- As. 1998

Purpose of 7719

To promote voluntary blood charite

To provide safe, adequate, affordable and fair blood goods

To inform people

To need all blood vessels banks/ centers to operate on a non earnings basis


1 . Non-reflex blood donors - gave blood with out something in exchange

2 . Paid donors – donors who are payed

3. Substitute donors – donates bloodstream in return of another blood vessels Anticoagulants and preservative


• Acid- acid citrate dextrose -21 days

• Citrade phosphate dextrose -2 1days

• CP2D- thirty-five days

• CPDA1-35 days

• CPDA2- 42 days and nights

• Heparin – two days

Hostipal wards without blood vessels banks will take blood out of this:

PBC- Philippine blood middle

PNRC- Filipino national crimson cross

FWB(fresh whole blood)- P1, five-hundred

PRBC – P1, 95

5 transmisible disease (serological test)

Wechselfieber HBsAg –hepatitis b surface antigen Syphilis –dies when ever refrigirated Anti HCV – hepatitis c virus Anti HIV – human defense virus


1st level

2nd level

Latent stage

Chronic level


General public education – pnrc, pbcc

Pbcc- Filipino blood matching council (baka lumabas)

Advertising in universities – ched, deped

Specialist education – doh pbcc, pshbt, sony psp, pma, pamet, pna

Business of blood vessels service network

Pshbt- Philippine society of hematology and blood transfusion

PMA – Philippine medical association

PNA – Filipino nursing affiliation

PSP – Philippine culture of pathologist

National non-reflex blood services program (NVBSP)

In charge: DOH, PNRC, PBCC

Funds: PCSO and PAGCOR, DUTY COST-FREE Philippines

PAGCOR- Philippine amusement and gambling corporation

PCSO – Filipino charity sweepstake office

Gives 25M annually (pcso and pagcor)

Responsibility free Philippines ( donates 20m every year)

Industrial blood banking companies

Phased out

Regulation of blood services

Licensed and qualified physician duly official by the DOH


Demands 2 LTO


Instruments, blood luggage, Reagents – TAX FREE

Help of DF (department of finance) – to make bloodstream equipments totally free


Profit based blood bank centers – 1 month to 6 moths, 5, 000- 50, 000 NO LTO Transfusing blood vessels contaminated with blood transfusion diseases -Revocation of LTO by Overall health secretary – no money fees but 10 years imprisonment

Requirements for new certificate

Minimum volume of qualification of personnel

-blood bank as well as centers

you trained rmt (1year)

one particular laboratory tech

-category a (hospital and non hospital)

Supervised and managed with a competent physician – six months bb methods

Requirements for brand spanking new license

Category b non- hospital based

-same with category a blood traditional bank /centers

Been able by certified physician (brl and philipppine board of hematology and blood transfusion)

Pathologist or perhaps hematologist

Category b clinic based

Certified physician using a valid certificate in specialized medical or anatomical pathology (6 months training)

1 . rmt and you lab technical

2 . Personnel development strategy

3. Medical professional facilities, equipments and materials

4. Biosafety

5. Quality control – all technological staff of blood lender / centers shall satisfactorily passed the minimum proficiency test provided by the BRL

6. Recording, reporting and documentation requirements

7. Blood distribution and transport requirements

-blood needs to be distributed towards the hospitals, to never the individuals or persons

8. blood transfusion committee

9. preventative services

10. networking


All the technical staff of bb/centers shall have handed the basic skills test

The bb/centers...

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