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Assignment 1

The person I chose to interview for my case study is actually a Commercial Washing Manager with PAE (New Zealand) Ltd. PAE can be a Facilities Managing company whom are involved to supply knowledge and work to maintenance the structures of its clients. Interview:

Q: What kind of organisation do you work for?

A: I help a facilities management firm, we focus on building routine service care and cleaning Queen: What do you think managers perform?

A: Generally, oversee the core organization and utilize business drivers to ensure our company is performing. Q: What abilities do you believe that manages should possess?

A: Leadership, efficiency and discussion skills, great communication.


Q: Why do you consider Managers ought to plan?

A: You need to have agreed plans and goals; is actually how you measure yourselves and the business against planned focuses on Q: There are different kinds of Programs including, Quest statements, perspective, marketing detailed. What type of strategies do you use in your business? A: In my section we use all of those, the business has our mission statement and vision, which we live but the operational plans would be the day to day organization for us. Queen: How often do you refer to all the plans?

A: It really depends on the plan and situation but I would say at least weekly. Q: Do you discuss the strategies with you the teams and why?

A: Yes all of us discuss these in all of our conferences at distinct levels. Staff, supervisor and management meetings. Q: Just how effective do you consider these programs are?

A: There is always area for improvement, but at this time they are good. They are possible and highly relevant to the key business. The plans have to be somewhat versatile due to the changing environment we all work in.

Q: What rewards do you think you get from every single of those ideas? A: The team get a sense of achievement, continue, setting new goals. We all achieve in that case move the goals frontward. It's ideal for the team to see the plan visiting fruition.


Q: Why do you consider businesses must have organisational constructions? A: Accountability and growth.

Q: You will find different kinds of Organisational structures in the workplace, Formal/informal, practical, and divisional and matrix. Which one or combination of these is used in the business? A: I would say Divisional as a result of multiple sites.

Q: What benefits do you think you get from those constructions you use? A: I would say time is definitely the biggest benefit. When you find a thing that works well at one site you can conform that to match another internet site. With without having to come up with a complete new program then I include time to focus on other problems. Q: Do you see any drawbacks to the of the buildings you use? A: Having a lot of sites occasionally mean you spread yourself a little slender. That's when you have to look at staff and co-leaders.


Q: For what reason do you think leadership is important in operation?

A: Total accountability, although part of that is certainly ensuring that the complete team come together to achieve the desired outcome. Q: There are several types of command, Autocratic, Democratic Laissez-faire, situational etc . Which usually of these do you use in your organisation? A: Democratic personally, having said that there are occasions the moment time constants mean a directive needs to be the way to progress quickly. Queen: How do you describe the leadership design?

A: Versatile depending on the climate at the time and proactive.

Q: What rewards do you think you get from this kind of style?

A: Success, excellent time management and good interactions with personnel. This means we all meet duration bound timelines. Q: Do you really see any kind of drawbacks to the style?

A: Sometimes if you stay focused on delivery, things can get construed wrongly. You really have to make sure you invest time on learning so everybody understands their particular part in the overall prepare.


Q: Exactly what does controlling suggest for you?

A: Guidelines are put in place therefore...

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