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Bridge Jot down

The problem that we have is we should find a bridge that will fill up a gap that is 12" very long, and 2 . 5" extensive. Our objective is to make a bridge which could hold up to 2 . 5kg at most. The connection must have a length at least 3inches, and a width of 2. 5inches.

A few constraints that we get are no more than 10% with the bridge may possibly consist of " bulky" people made from two pieces of balsa wood. We could only work with 15 bits of balsa wood, and if all of us use line it has to be attached to a simple way. We're able to use toothpicks, but they cannot be in a " bundle". The bridge must be self-supporting (so they can not become permanently attached towards the table).

We have come up with three feasible solutions that can work for this kind of bridge task. Our initially bridge that we came up with was a bridge that had one particular large truss that was connected by two solid vertical beams resting on a flat basic.

The second connection we designed was an arch bridge. On this bridge the posture will be placed on the bottom of your flat bottom. The flat base will probably be on top of the arch. As well as the arch will be connected to the foundation in the middle, and there will also be vertical beams on each end of the connect between the arch and the flat base.

Our third bridge can be described as double posture bridge. The bridge has a flat base, and one particular arch on the bottom, and one particular on the top. This design is actually our second bridge, expect that this speculate if this trade two curve that are connected to the base by vertical beams.

The link that we wound up choosing was our first bridge. You decide to use this bridge because it appears that it will not just be the easiest connection to build it also has a quite strong design. All of us also liked the design of just one single large truss, and believed the additional bridges will be too hard to build with the elements that we have to use.

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