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Project 1: Sit on Wall Street Movement

BUS 309: Business Integrity

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Nov 5, 2012

Occupy Wall Street Movements

The ethical and monetary implications included in the " Occupy Stock market Movement” was to address the void of how the persons here in the United States and around the world are being subject to unfair and unjust treatment by those who control the top 1% of the prosperity in this nation and in another country. The " Occupy Wall structure Street” desired to oppose decision that had been manufactured in the past simply by key staff that had been devote key positions, who were in charge of making ethical decision and setting normal for the improvement for culture as a whole. That they felt like the leaders that were responsible for those decision have been bought by those that happen to be consider in that 1% prosperity class. The person that are an integral part of this school use their very own wealth to lobby vote and acquire laws or regulation change or go, that allowed them to trigger the current monetary struggles that country and also other are still trying to recover from today. The downturn that started back 2007 had monetary implication deeming from the decision made or influence by top banks and personal leaders of U. T. The same people who were chosen to supervise the privileges and uphold a higher standard of morals for the people individuals we were holding elected to represent. Along with financial institutions, who were no longer behaving as financial advisor for their customers, but rather as profiteers for their agencies. Basically, once all the reality where discover and condition where go over explaining the way the financial collapse of some of this country most famous recognizable businesses and agencies actually happen. In my opinion lead most person as well as group like " Occupy Wall Street” to believe that those properly of power or affect allowed their very own moral figure to be query, because most signs directed to avarice being the motive lurking behind their activities. In analyzing the meaningful and monetary implication against the utilitarian theory the " Occupy Wall structure Street” group is dealing with the monetary decision created by Banks, International organizations and key leader/advisor that call up one of the greatest downturn of our technology. The activities of these persons and companies did not just affect people here in the U. T., but other folks around the world causing what is at a be termed as a Global Financial Crisis. These decisions likewise led to the largest number of go ahead and foreclose homes to happen here in the U. S i9000. within the last 5yrs. The filled of the U. S. real estate bubble, which in turn peaked 5 years ago, caused the values of securities associated with U. S. real estate pricing to plummet, damaging financial institutions globally. The first (2) theory to gauge " Inhabit Wall Street” against could be the Kantian and virtue values theory, that the group action had attribute of each linked to its activity. In studying the " Occupy Stock market Movement” up against the Kantian theory which placed that only once we act coming from duty does our actions have moral worth and good will is the simply thing that is certainly good in on its own. The motion was completed with the purpose of being a fantastic will touch for society as a whole. As well, the motion could fall under the Kantian theory, as this theory would not concern on its own with effects of a person or group action, yet whether the actions had good intention in order to was dedicated. As Margen describes can as a obligation and only when ever that work has no self-interest, causing harm, or perhaps inclination will our actions have ethical worth. Consequently , the Occupy Wall Street movement had meaningful implication, even though it didn't yield great consequence or was it one handedly in charge of creating becomes how Wall Street and other corporation conduct business. In analyzing the advantage ethic in the " Take up Wall Street Movement” the activity would have to become analyze against...

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