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 Business Proposal Essay


Business Proposal

Margarita Gibbons


September 22, 2014

Maria Hamideh Ramjerdi


Business Pitch

In our era, companies significant and small try to entice the consumer to acquire their products, by simply coming up with new items. Cocaina Cola a well-known company, that fishing lures its consumers by picking out new flavors of the soft drink. To attract more soft drink users, I would produce a product just like coke, nonetheless it would be in powder kind and have longer shelf life than the usual bottle of soda truly does. For starts off, we need to be aware that a normal container of Cocaina Cola offers for around $1. 52 in the usa with the most expensive Coca Soda being sold in Switzerland intended for $5. 39. According to, marketplace structure is usually, " The interconnected characteristics of a marketplace, such as the quantity and relative strength of buyers and sellers and degree of entente among them, level and kinds of competition, degree of merchandise differentiation, and ease of entrance into and exit in the market” (BUSINESS DICTIONARY 2014). Coca Coca-cola knows that Amazingly Light has made powdered refreshments that have an extended shelf life than their bottled soft drinks and bottled seas, they also be aware that these are brighter in calorie count. Very Light's price ranges anywhere from $2. 49 to $2. 69 in its powder form and if I were to make powder coke, I possibly could sell it for the price range between $2. 40 and $3. 00. Based on the webpage,, price firmness is " A way of measuring the relationship among a change in the quantity required of a particular good and a change in the price” (INVSTOPEDIA 2014). There is a great amount of price suppleness with powder soft drinks. Cost elasticity will certainly relate to my own product due to the fact that it could possibly be sold for around $2. 50 (Two us dollars and fifty cents), and still be inexpensive for the customer. It can also be relevant to the price suppleness because the even more demand there exists for a powdered soda and or soft drink simply by society, the purchase price can be adjusted to select the demand. All of the changes in the volume supplied as either a direct and or roundabout result of my pricing decisions and or tactics can affect the marginal expense and earnings because of the fact that if I were to raise the cost, or increase one additional unit of output, the marginal income may drop some. In the event there were an alteration in the sum of items made, the marginal cost of the business would be fully changed and cause a rise in income. My personal no pricing strategies for the organization would be to advertise the new product through, the media shops at least once or perhaps twice a month, and by likewise having a sampling event to see how the item is received by consumers. Once this has taken place, I might submit the merchandise to the stores, but might start with exclusive retailers first, and if which is a hit, in that case spread the product to other retailers. To increase the obstacles of entry, I would ensure that the trading secrets to get the new item are covered in a secure and very protected place that just the staff and i also know about and I would likewise ensure not to talk about friends and family, friends or perhaps acquaintances about the new item. The webpage lets us know that adjustable costs will be those costs that vary depending on a company's production volume; they rise as production boosts and fall as development decreases” (INVESTOPEDIA 2014). The changes in my business operations can affect both the variable and fixed costs that have been pre-established mainly because if the cool product flops, the finances of the company will decrease significantly that it may business lead us being in the red till we get a single Hundred Percent (100%) acceptance of the new product. Yet...

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