Module Ten Essay

 Module Eight Essay

Course Code: LIVER1A12

Teacher: Jan Littler-Mitchell

Word Count: 1, 868

Module 8-10 Essay - Choose a medical condition that captures your interests and study it. Come up with the feasible uses of hypnosis inside the treatment of the disorder as you observe them

With this essay I have chosen to reveal the condition of Diabetes.

Let me research diabetes and illustrate what the condition is, the several types, the reasons

and symptoms, and also the forms of treatment. I will after that look at every one of the possible uses

of hypnosis inside the treatment of diabetes and the items it can help with, before drawing up

a conclusion.

Diabetes is a common life-long health condition. You will discover 3 million people clinically diagnosed

with diabetes in the UK and around 850, 000 people with undiagnosed diabetes.

Diabetes is known as a condition the place that the amount of glucose in the blood is actually high because the

human body can not use it properly. It is because the pancreatic does not produce any insulin,

or perhaps not enough, to help glucose enter the body's cells – or maybe the insulin that may be produced really does

certainly not work properly, known as insulin resistance. Insulin is the junk produced by the

pancreas that allows blood sugar to enter your body's cells, where it is applied as energy for energy.

Blood sugar comes from absorbing carbohydrates and also produced by the liver, if someone

has diabetes their human body can not help to make proper make use of this sugar so it builds up in the

blood and isn't able being used while fuel (Diabetes. org. uk 2013).

The main symptoms of diabetes are peeing more frequently, increased thirst, extreme

tiredness, unexplained weight loss and confused vision.

There are two types of diabetes, these are type 1 diabetes which can develop very quickly

over weeks or even days and the signs or symptoms are usually very obvious, although

type 2 diabetes develops slowly and gradually over a period of years and the signs and symptoms may

not end up being so obvious and may only be picked up within a routine medical check up.

Type 1 diabetes is less common than type 2 diabetes affecting just 10% of these

clinically determined to have diabetes, it is just a result of your body's immune system targeting and

destroying the cells that produce insulin, and there is zero preventative measure that can be

taken. This kind of diabetes is often treated with insulin injections; these will need to be

taken for life along with ensuring the blood blood sugar levels stay well balanced by eating a

nutritious diet, taking regular exercise and having regular blood tests.

In the UK, regarding 90% of most adults with diabetes have type 2 diabetes and it generally

influences people over 40 years of age, is more prevalent in people who are of asian/african

descent, and if someone provides one or more in the risk elements. Risk elements for type 2

diabetes happen to be if a close family member experience it, being overweight, heart disease and

severe mental health problems, anyone with these factors are at increased risk of producing

diabetes in their life span.

Type 2 diabetes is because of Insulin Insufficiency which is not producing enough insulin to

maintain a normal blood glucose level or Insulin Resistance which can be the body being

struggling to use the insulin that is produced effectively. Just for this type of diabetes the

treatment focuses on aiming to keep your blood glucose amounts as normal as possible, this

can be achieved sometimes by transforming the persons lifestyle just like developing a

healthy eating plan, avoiding cigarettes, reducing alcohol and having regular

exercise. On the other hand as type 2 diabetes is a modern condition, medication may be

needed on time to keep blood glucose levels typical, the medicine will usually take

the form of tablets but some instances may improvement to inserted therapies, just like insulin

(NHS. company. uk 2013).

In addition to the symptoms that diabetes causes of having an increased thirst, a recurrent...

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