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CLINICAL ATTACHMENT PREVENT 1 . 6-BASIC MEDICAL PRACTICE KALSYANA RAJENDRAH 12/340730/KU/15372 TRAINING GROUP you FACULTY OF DRUGS INTERNATIONAL SYSTEM UNIVERSITAS GADJAH MADA GENERAL OBSERVATION Advantages This unique practical treatment revolves around students' attachment to family doctor or perhaps general practitioner. Ahead of time, a audio understanding and distinguishable assessment between the two of these specialty is important to perform this task efficiently. Family medicine is a medical specialty that provides carrying on and extensive health care for the individual and family throughout all ages, genders, diseases, and everything parts of the body. It is based on familiarity with the patient in the context from the family and community, emphasizing disease prevention and health promotion. According to the World Organization of Family Doctors, the aim of friends and family medicine is usually to provide personal, comprehensive and continuing care for the individual inside the context in the family and community. On the other hand, general practitioner is a doctor who doggie snacks acute and chronic health problems and provides precautionary care and health education to individuals. The good basic practitioners will treat people both since people and as a population. In some health-related systems general practitioners operate primary treatment healthcare centers where they play a central part in the healthcare team. Even so, in some models of care basic practitioners are single-handed professionals. In conjunction with this kind of block, I visited an area puskesmas to comprehend more about role of the general practitioner and family physician. Physical Get, Convenience and Facilities The clinic I had been designated to is Puskesmas Danurejan My spouse and i. The puskesmas is located in Bausasran, Danurejan in Yogyakarta. After being refurbished and improvised since Dec 2011, Puskesmas Danurejan owns new physical structure and even more sophisticated features. Now, the puskesmas has a new building, whereas the land floor serves as an contagious and noninfectious area. The puskesmas is practically 656 inmiscuirse squared in size with basic consultation bedrooms, dental discussion rooms, emergency room, pharmacy and laboratory built in the ground floor. On the other hand, the first flooring serves as the supporting center. This floors contains the workplace, hygiene and sanitation office and prayer room. This health center is located in the midst of housing properties, and therefore very accessible to those living inside close distance. The real estate area is usually densely populated, with quite a few shops, general public amenities making it a rather suitable and conducive stay. The puskesmas is usually open daily on weekdays and Saturdays from several. 30am to 3. 00pm. The puskesmas also offers a landline which makes it obtainable for any before information before the peoples' visit. One specific setback from the setting is, the signboard was uncertain and hidden in tree twigs. The path guiding the visitors will be vague and not specified. This might be inconvenient if you are about to generate their initial visit with no prominently the actual location. Furthermore, there were insufficient parking lots near to the puskesmas. The Waiting Room The holding out room can be spacious, satisfactory to fit about 20 sufferers at an occasion with suitable number of chair provided. The cleanliness and tidiness in the waiting area is also very well maintained. There were garbage receptacles provided. The ventilation from the room is additionally well viewed as there are occurrence windows forever air movements. Huge health care pamphlets and banners are also seen in the waiting place, aimed inform and enlighten patients. A staff was

seen in the ready area while she is assigned to take essential signs of the patients and direct them for the physician because their turn comes. As we had been walking complete the ready room, I recently came across surreptitious gazes from the individuals who were rather clueless of your enthusiastic presence with white coats. My spouse and i managed to take up a...

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