Curley's Wife

Curley's Wife 16.08.2019
 Curley’s Better half Essay

Malak M. Noba

English Groundwork

In this passing, what methods does Steinbeck use to present Curley's partner and the attitude to others and exactly how does Steinbeck present thinking to ladies in the contemporary society in which the story is set in? Refer carefully to the verse in your answer.

John Steinbeck uses the contrast of light and darker and color imagery to foreshadow Curley's wife's future and to as well portray the fact that the hacienda hands consider Curley's better half as a " tart” and " prison bait”. Steinbeck first presents Curley's better half at the start with the passage when he describes just how " the rectangle of sunshine inside the doorway was cut off” by her body. The utilization of darkness represents despair and it shows the reader that Curley's wife will suffer, later on in the new. This usage of darkness likewise reflects on the attitudes toward Curley's better half by George, as he informs her that Curley has not been in the bunkhouse " brusquely”. This immediately tells someone that George senses that Curley's better half is simply trouble, and will only take despair to him and Lennie's lives. Steinbeck likewise describes her in physical terms, since her having " full rouged lips”, " her fingernails […] red” plus the fact that the girl wore " red mules, on the insteps of which were little arrangements of red ostrich feathers”. The use of color imagery explains to the reader with the type of character Curley's partner is, while she has on a lot of red. Along with " red” is mostly connected to threat, warning, bloodshed and sex, and out of this the reader learns that Curley's wife is fairly dangerous and she uses her intimate attractiveness to manage some of the farm hands. Someone can see that " Lennie watched her, fascinated”. Consequently , the reader understands that to date, Curley's wife's method of getting interest is working. Alternatively, it can be argued that Curley's better half only uses her physical looks to get attention, since she is, the truth is lonely. Someone can see this, as Curley's wife converts apprehensive once she is told by...

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