Black Intelligence Philosphy

 Black Consciousness Philosphy Dissertation

Identify and critically go over the main principles of the Dark Consciousness beliefs.

The Dark-colored Consciousness Motion evolved into an anti-apartheid activist activity. It was structured on Steve Biko whose purpose was to change the black man's mindset and thus liberate the black people of S. africa during the Racisme oppression. The bequest in the BCM helped give the dark-colored people a sense of valour. The movement highlighted the importance of conquering the mindset of black inferiority. This was made by emphasizing dark-colored pride and freedom resistant to the psychological hatred the whites were making them knowledge (Biko, 2005: 3-20). Dark-colored Consciousness was affirmed just one way of life and a mentality that rejected to accept white-colored liberal judgment on how the black everyone was supposed to live and be cared for (Marathodi, 2006). The activity effectively required black intelligence to become the central aim of the anti-Apartheid struggle inside South Africa. The philosophy was largely Christianity based and focused on principles such as a refusal to admit any white stereotypes of black persons and to reject any beliefs that alienated blacks within their own nation. Biko argued this could just happen and be consequential if the black persons stamped out their " slave mentality”. There likewise needed to be a commitment to welfare function and organized Dark community diamond in order for this attitude to sink in and consider root. The black people needed to turn into self-reliant and motivated to overcome, based upon the solidarity of the movement (Marathodi, 2006). The BCM had a guiding principle of continually testing the ‘dialectic' with the Apartheid program, as a way of reshaping (‘conscientizing') black someones frame of mind. A central thought of the Dark Consciousness Activity was to develop the black man's traditions which acquired close relation to black materials. Poets and writers found this since an opportunity to make an effort to promote the black social identity through their...

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