Demands Analysis

Demands Analysis 04.09.2019
 Needs Evaluation Essay

Group Project

1 . Training Requirements Assessment

Content material of Requires Assessment Statement:

 Launch

o Describe the purpose of the needs examination, and present the sub‐sections of the survey (what this includes). Suggest which degrees of needs will probably be analyzed and, if omitting any, make clear why.

 Process and tools

to For each amount of need examined:

 Identify the method(s) used to assess needs.

 Describe the sources of data.

 Present the tool(s) used.

 Describe the different steps with the needs analysis/assessment process  Data evaluation

o Present the data, in condensed form (categories, percentages, etc . ).  Recommendations

o Determine the main issue(s) or requires that training can talk about. o Recommend a type of training (subject matter).

o Identify the main learning outcome or perhaps goal.

u Indicate just how this goal ties in with organizational goals or objectives, i. at the. how it will address the gap between what is and what is wanted.

o Recognize specific learning objectives (per level).

 Appendix

to Attach virtually any material you used to have notes, such as filled out questionnaires, etc . Analysis criteria (/40):

 The introduction shows the purpose of the needs analysis effectively and correctly; it also gives a crystal clear indication of what is to come (2 pts).

 The process, methods, tools and sources are appropriate and satisfactory to obtain relevant and useful data. The framework to get the evaluation demonstrates a comprehension and ability to apply a multi‐level way of assessing requirements (15 pts).  The data analysis is definitely thorough, specific, well done and straightforward to understand (7 pts).  The suggestion is supported by data, the links between identified need plus the ability to fulfill those needs through training are appropriate, plus the suggested kind of training is pertinent and feasible/ realistic. (6 pts).

 The learning aim or end result and the learning objectives are in line with the info, the results of the evaluation, and the company objectives or...