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 Determining The Density And Composition Of the Penny Essay

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Results & Analysis

Component 1:

1 . ) To determine the density and composition of a penny it must be first weighed on a range. Find the standard mass of multiple pennies from the same year. Following weighing it find the volume by placing the pennies into a 50 ml beaker with 15 milliliters of normal water. Note the change in volume level to obtain the amount of the pennies, obtain the typical volume, after which calculate the density by dividing the mass from the penny by the volume. installment payments on your ) To keep measurements exact and specific test multiple pennies from your same season and make sure to measure 10mls of drinking water as exactly as possible. Continue to keep human mistake to a minimum; constantly zero the size before weighing. Part a couple of:

1 . )

Graph of Lab Sections Density of Pennies Overtime:

installment payments on your ) Based on the data furnished by the lab section, the density with the penny remained unchanged till 1982 when the overall average density dropped due to the structure of the penny changing. Since clearly seen the pictures there was a whole lot of man error or perhaps calculation mistake. The year 1991 should be ignored and years with 0 densities were due to lacking that dime year analyzed.

Part three or more:

1 . ) Avg Denseness of Money from 1975-79: 10. six g/ml 1995-1999: 7. zero g/ml eight. 94(. 95) + x(. 5) = 10. 7 g/mlx(. 975) + eight. 94(. 025) = 7. 0

. 5x = 2 . 207 g/ml. 975x sama dengan 6. 77

x = 4. 414 g/mlx = 6. 95 g/ml

Structured off of the density calculation pertaining to the years 1995-1999 it is obvious that the unknown metal that replaced most of the copper is usually zinc having a density of seven. 14 g/ml. Human mistake is mostly to blame for the years 75-79 calculation. Synopsis

The main objective of this test was to receive the density of pennies through multiple decades and identify when the structure was transformed by watching when the thickness of the dime changed. This was done by acquiring the mass in the penny by using a scale as well as the volume of the penny utilizing a graduated tube. By using M = M/V it was conceivable...

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