Discuss the Concerns Elevated by Users Regarding to the Usefulness of Aasb 117

 Discuss the Concerns Brought up by Users Regarding to the Usefulness of Aasb 117 Essay


AASB 117 Leases requires lessees to classify leases as either finance leases or functioning leases. The accounting treatment required under each strategy is very distinct and this has raised concerns by investors and other economical statement users regarding the effectiveness of the information provided. This kind of essay will certainly critically discuss and the criticisms and performance of lease accounting treatment. It will also analyze lessee business's responses to Australian Normal 117 Accounting for Rents.

Definition of capital and working lease

AASB 117 supplies the current rules for leases. In general conditions, the lessee classifies procurment transactions beneath one of two types. The current condition of practice requires the capitalisation of certain rent contract that meet particular criteria related to the transfer of greatly all the rewards and dangers of title from the lessor to the lessee. If enough risks and rewards of ownership will be transferred to the lessee, the lessee documents the purchase as a obtain (i. elizabeth., a capital lease); absent the copy of sufficient risks and rewards of ownership, the lessee documents the purchase as a rental (i. at the., an operating lease).


The existing accounting model intended for leases has been criticized pertaining to failing to fulfill the requirements of users of financial claims. IASB and FASB observed a number of criticisms of the existing accounting requirements, including the pursuing

The existence of two very different accounting models intended for leases ensures that similar deals can be made up very in different ways. This reduces comparability to get users. Preparers and auditors have criticised the existing model for its complexity. In particular, it has proved hard to define the dividing series between finance leases and operating rents in a principled way. Therefore, the standards make use of a mixture of subjective judgments and ‘bright-line' testing that can be difficult apply

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