Characteristics of Learning Organisation

 Characteristics of Learning Company Essay

The first characteristic is looking in. It involves prize flexibility and internal exchange. Reward overall flexibility is the ability of the business to deliver flexible rewards to staff within an open and public fashion. This also includes the opportunity to get staff to question the rewards themselves and how they can be distributed. Inside exchange involves all inner departments and units participating with each other by simply exchanging details about their objectives, needs, success and weaknesses as well as offering clearly agreed request and feedbacks to each other.

The second characteristic is looking out. It consists of boundary staff as environmental scanners – all staff who work with the border of the business (from receptionist to research and development staff) obtain information from both equally formal and informal options to nourish into the organisation's knowledge foundation. It also requires inter-company learning which collaborative working and networking promotes the learning cast and offers some other sources of knowledge and learning. Endeavours may include joint training, exchanges and benchmarking.

Strategy is one of the characteristics in mastering Organisation. There is certainly approach to learning strategy- coverage and approach are produced as a learning process, that involves research along with review. Participative policy making enables most organisation members and stakeholders, such as clients, suppliers and owners to bring about major plan decisions. Strategy also requires informating and formative accounting and control. Informating requires the use of technology as a device, which opens access to data and use of the business system. Conformative accounting and control allows the accounting, budgeting systems and reporting systems to meet the needs of organisational members and also to assist in all their learning.

The next feature is learning opportunities. There should be self-development actions for all personnel at...

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