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Multiple Choice Question 51В

You are provided the following working capital information for the Ridge Organization: Ridge Firm




$12, 890

Accounts receivable

doze, 800

Accounts payable

12, 670

Net sales

$124, 589

Expense of goods sold

99, 630

Cash transformation cycle: Precisely what is the cash change cycle pertaining to Ridge Organization? 38. 3 days

46. 4 days and nights

83. your five days

129. 9 daysВ

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Multiple Choice Issue 58

The cash conversion circuit

begins if the firm uses its cash to purchase recycleables and ends when the firm collects cash payments about its credit sales. quotes how long it will take on average to get the firm to collect the outstanding accounts receivable stability. shows the length of time the firm keeps their inventory before selling that. begins when the firm invests cash to buy the unprocessed trash that would be accustomed to produce items that the organization manufactures. Multiple Choice Query 30

Payout and preservation ratio: Drekker, Inc., provides revenues of $312, 766, costs of $220, 222, interest payment of $31, 477, and a tax rate of 34 percent. It paid dividends of $34, a hundred and twenty-five to investors. Find the firm's gross payout rate and retention ratio. 85%, 15%

54%, 45%

15%, 85%

45%, 55%

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Multiple Choice Issue 75

Firms that attain higher development rates devoid of seeking external financing are quite leveraged.

probably none of these.

possess less value and/or can generate large net income ultimately causing a high ROE. have a minimal plowback proportion.

Multiple Decision Question 67

The tactical plan would not identify

seed money strategies.

the lines of business a strong will compete in.

major areas of investment in actual assets.

upcoming mergers, complicite, and divestitures.

Multiple Decision Question 41

Which from the following really does maximizing aktionar wealth not usually be the cause of? The time of cash flows.

Amount of Cash runs.


Federal government regulation.

Multiple Choice Problem 80

Which usually of the pursuing cannot be engaged in managing the organization? a only proprietor

an over-all partner

probably none of these

a small partner

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Multiple Choice Question 46

External loans needed: Jockey Company features total property worth $4, 417, 665. At year-end it will have net income of $2, 771, 342 and pay out 60 percent as returns. If the organization wants not any external funding, what is the expansion rate it might support? 35. 3%

25. 1%

28. 3%

thirty-two. 9%

Multiple Choice Problem 86

Multiple Analysis: Turnbull Corp. had an EBIT of $247 mil in the last financial year. The depreciation and amortization expenditures amounted to $84 million. The organization has hundratrettiofem million stocks and shares outstanding and a reveal price of $12. 85. A competitive firm that may be very similar to Turnbull has an enterprise value/EBITDA multiple of 5. 40. What is the enterprise value of Turnbull Corp.? Round to the nearest , 000, 000 dollars. $1, 787 , 000, 000

$1, 315 million

$453. 6 million

$1, 334 million

Multiple Choice Issue 69

M& M Idea 1: Dynamo Corp. creates annual money flows of $150 and it is expected to exist forever. The organization is currently borrowed with seventy five percent equity and 25 % debt. Your analysis lets you know that the appropriate discount rates are 10 percent for the cash moves, and several percent for the debt. You currently individual 10 percent of the stock. If Dynamo wishes to change the capital structure from 75 percent to 60 percent equity and use the financial debt proceeds to pay a particular dividend to shareholders, how much debt should they issue? $375




Multiple Choice Question 54

A firm's capital structure is definitely the mix of economic securities accustomed to finance their activities and can include all of the next except inventory.


value options.

favored stock.

Multiple Choice Problem 32

If a company's measured average expense of capital is less than the required return on equity, then the organization:...

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