How come Teletubbies Are Evil

 Essay on Why Teletubbies Are Bad

There is also a children's TELEVISION SET program that takes place below gray English skies in which a sun with the face of a baby so cute he must always be computer-generated soars as a thin march performs on the soundtrack.

And then the Teletubbies appear--four blobs, performers in attires, each a different sort of color of pale frosting with defining antennae flopping over their heads--cavorting and frolicking in an astroturfed wasteland, a barren small golf course. They take karate stances for zero apparent cause. They hold purses. They have names like Dipsy and Tinky-Winky. They have smooth, ageless, simian looks. They speak in sentence fragments and clipped phrases, sounding vaguely like giddy Japan waitresses who have work at the sushi pub in Heck. Sometimes they interact with a narrator whom asks vital questions like, " Can be in the tote, Tinky-Winky? "

Just like toddlers, the Teletubbies happen to be amazed by golf balls, pieces of sensed and plastic-type material food. Having balls, components of felt and plastic meals. Holding hand while dancing around a flower is an especially popular hobby. Toys are put in bags and then picked up of bags with great parade and encouragement. Minutes pass by as the Teletubbies fall season over while the sun appears down on all of them and squeals with joy. Sober, forcing to be aware you have no idea what's happening. Imagining the performers in those matches making " tubby custard, " sampling " tubby toast" aiming on hats can approach you to make yourself a very huge drink.

Teletubbies discuss this space with big, motley rabbits that are actual and wood toward plastic-type flower beds (one insider tells me the rabbits are as large as " little lambs" and are " carefully bred especially" in this show). Farting noises start off, periscopes pop out of astroturf, a pinwheel dispenses glitzy rays creating the Teletubbies to huddle and spaz out, and that is when the dreary squares prove bellies start glowing.

These types of Oompa Loompas on acid are actually living televisions--all...

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