World History

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 Essay about World Background

Andrea Glen

Doctor Jason Hostutler

History of World Civilization 2

July 18, 2013

There are many important turning points in the history of humanity, but there are many that are crucial. The Neolithic Revolution was an important level in history as it played a huge part in agriculture. Farming lead to homes, which then bring about social classes, specialized careers, and larger masse which began villages. People were able to make it through off of farming because that were there the ability to head out in search of food and since these people were stationary they will could build their own towns and even make their own writing. The Neolithic period was obviously a fundamental transform for the way in which people were living. By the surge of the Neolithic Revolution social classes were established and civilizations started to rise. The villages began to divide the task between men and women although the girls were not required the men had been the leaders of the early on societies. The Neolithic farmers created a calendar so that they could keep track of sowing and enjoying. They also created plows to help with their work in which will some maqui berry farmers let their animals draw them so their function would be much easier. Another important level in history was the Industrial Revolution. TheВ Industrial RevolutionВ was a period from your 18th to the 19th hundred years where key changes in farming and even technology in which completely a outstanding effect on socioeconomic and cultural conditions. Industrialization was a key force for change mainly because it led the west in to the machine-dependent modern world (Spielvogel, 80). The first Industrial Revolution, which began inside the 18th 100 years, merged into theВ Second Professional RevolutionВ around 1850, when monetary progress attained momentum with all the development of vapor ships, railways, and later electricity generators. The Commercial Wave was the major level in the great humanity. Toward the end of the European Dark ages, the Catholic Church...

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