Hamlet Journal

Hamlet Journal 16.08.2019
 Hamlet Log Essay

Ms. Luu

Journal #1 –Hamlet

" My family is my strength and my weakness” – Aishwarya Rai

This kind of quote is definitely written on the basis of paradox. After further understanding, this quote by

Aishwarya Rai makes perfect sense. Because family, these are the first kinds to support you during

troubles and obstacles. This gives strength pertaining to the individual, allowing him or her to carry on

about. However , excessive expectations and stress activated by family can be the problem of

individuals too. This is why friends and family can be kinds strength and weakness.

In Bill Shakespeare's Hamlet, the main figure Hamlet can easily relate to this kind of quote while

he deals with family members issues throughout the story. As Hamlet idolized his father, he can be seen as

Hamlet's power. This is because Hamlet listened to the ghost in the father and plotted to consider

revenge on Claudius. Another case in point is the support from Hamlet's friend, Horatio. Out of of

Hamlet's close friends, Horatio is the only one who remains faithful to Hamlet. This provided Hamlet the

strength to carry out his plan.

The relative who is to blame for Hamlet's drop would be Claudius and

Gertrude. Despite the fact that Claudius is absolutely necessary Hamlet's brother, he still murdered him with toxic.

The death in the King introduced Hamlet in to depression and insanity. The murderer getting his

uncle caused Hamlet to acquire trust issues and this individual shows doubt frequently over the play.

Gertrude contributed to Hamlet's damage by marrying Claudius. In the period that

Hamlet was written, it absolutely was forbidden and incestuous to marry any individual in your relatives including in

laws and regulations. Shakespeare composed this into the play, since Hamlet considers of his mother within a different mild

following your marriage. Hamlet is so stunned by the marital life that this individual cannot speak in total

paragraphs after the reports.

The ghost of Hamlet's late father is additionally a cause to get Hamlet's downfall. If the ghost had


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