High School Your life

 High School Existence Essay

Robert Revilla

Mr. Osman

English 35 #31127

03 17, 2013

The Past and Present of Teenagers

Request any teen today and they'll tell you that they are nothing like their parents, that their parents just miss them. This can be true which may be bogus, it just is determined by how you look at it. Young adults of the Digital rebel Without a Trigger, meaning the parents of this teens, do face many of the same problems that we at this point face. But I are left considering did days gone by teens deal with all the same challenges at the same time even as do and were a selection of their " problems” not as much of a problem since it is to all of us. Teens in the past and present are faced with challenges such as institution, relationships, and friends.

There were various teenage complications back then in " Rebel Without a Cause” and modern-day teenagers. A large number of problems that Sean Stark as well as the other young adults faced had been similar, yet my own idea is that the problems weren't as big of difficulty back when they were growing up. Let's have school and homework for instance , oh sure your mother and father had that too nevertheless I just avoid believe that there was clearly as much pressure upon them to get good grades. Also, get into an excellent college since there is for people. And of course together with the knowledge that college or university is right around the corner most teenagers also need to function. They need to reduce costs for college, or a car, or to associated with girl/boy with their dreams happy by taking these people out on schedules once in a while. As well as, all this pressure and job can build up for a young and to many of us it seems like we never have the opportunity to just rest and hang out with good friends anymore. This relates to film production company because some of the teens will not care about homework or likely to school. The reason is that was in those days it was easy to get a job simply by only using a high school diploma or degree with no college or university education. But , now within our teen lives it is hard to obtain a job with a high school degree.

Another thing that is certainly different from days gone by from the...

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