A Dream Deferred essay

 A Dream Deferred essay

I remember studying a poem a few years back. It was very thought-provoking. The poem was called Desire Deferred by Langston Hughes. Hughes paints a picture of what might happen to a dream if it is postponed for too much time. This thought is the overall theme of the poem and it is what unifies and attaches the poem as a whole. It possesses a series of answers to the problem, " What happens to a dream deffered? ” The lines stated in this article the first question are presented while different similes.

He wonders if these kinds of postponed dreams dry up like a raisin under the sun. He magic if they will fester just like sores, or perhaps if that they rot just like meat, receive all crusty and sweet all over, or if it sags like a heavy load. Finally, he amazing things whether they explode if they are deferred. This makes us wonder if this provides the answer to his question. All these sentences show a negative outcome. This demonstrates that Hughes' approach to deffering dreams is certainly not too great.

Each one of these suggested answers seem quite unsual. But I believe that this makes the audience think about what occurs a dream at the time you put it besides for an uncertain period of time. It makes readers think outside the box and expand their perimetre. It doesn't just simply give you boring straight-foward answers. It provides creativeness and exagerration to the importance of dreams.

I think that the poem is definitely not refering to the dreams you have if you are asleep, but instead the goals you set to yourself to accomplish and acomplish. When I first read this poem me, I thought that he was talking about the actual dreams you have when you sleep, which led me to think that this composition was about rest deprivation. As it happens that it is really about your goals. However , this kind of poem is quite vague, since you can interpret it in as many ways you want. This poem is not intended to decide or assign a dream for the reader, but it leaves it up to them to determine what they truly feel is important to them.

I feel that this kind of poem is very intricately weaved and pieced...

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