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 International Business Assignment Dissertation

Assignment two

Research of the Business of an worldwide branch of Trinity College Dublin in the United Arab Emirates

Name: -- Maria Kennedy

ID Number: - 3838419

Subject: - TBS 920 – International Business Approach

Class: - 1

Time: - Wed

Date of Submission: -- 7th January 2011

Executive Summary

Trinity College Dublin is thinking about the establishing of an international department campus and possess identified the United Arab Emirates since the potential site of their initial branch. This report looks at this just as one option for Trinity it looks in the environment Trinity currently operates in its country Ireland. A thorough analysis of the identified sponsor country was carried out some of the key results from this include: - 1 . Politically the UAE clashes the democracy which exists in Ireland, they have program which is a monarchies with rulers/sheikh's in each emirate. It is just a politically steady country even so and the rulers are very encouraging of overseas direct expense and are especially supportive of international american educational institutions. 2 . The legal framework continues to be evolving which in turn as the nation has just existed as the UAE to get forty years this is normal. The legal system is predominantly Islamic law. A crucial aspect of the law which Trinity College must be aware of may be the state enforced control of details which has strict guidelines and will impact program delivery, elements and independence of conversation in the classroom. The UAE has free areas which has its very own set of rules which facilitate easier business operations. Dubai International Academics City is definitely one of these cost-free zones founded specifically for advanced schooling. 3. The culture from the UAE like the political product is in abgefahren contrast towards the culture in Ireland, the report appears in detail with this aspect as understanding this will be important to Trinity College's success. The traditions like the legal system is seriously influenced by Islamic religion which is predominant in the UAE and the location 4. Financial considerations incorporate a currency risk which Trinity College may face because the UAE currency, the dirham is pegged up against the US buck while the foreign currency in Ireland in europe is the Euro. Recent years offers seen the Euro love against the dollar which will help while using initial expenditure however could negatively influence repatriation of funds if the dirham is usually converted into euros. If Trinity College chooses to establish the campus in the free zone 100% repatriation of money is allowed also they would not have to see a local partner 5. The earth Bank include ranked the UAE since 33rd on the globe for simplicity of doing business which is a positive signal. Trinity must receive accreditation from the Ministry of Higher Education.

The market analysis shows that this market has great potential for Trinity College this kind of and the region analysis is going to drive the marketing and functional strategies and will also assist in determining the company structure.

It is the recommendation in the report that Trinity University should carry on with its institution of a grounds in the Usa Arab Emirates however they will need to carefully prepare the process taking a look at each facet of this report in considerably more detail to be able to develop a strong road map while failure is not an option.

Table of Contents

Exec Summary2


Product & Country of Origin4


Country of Origin4

Web host Country Identification5

Host Region Analysis6


Macro Personal Environment6

Legal System & Attitude to Foreign Immediate Investment7

Ethnical & Social8



Repatriation Laws10



Entry Strategy11

Marketing Strategy12

Market Assessment12

Modification of Product/Service13




Organization Structure15

Operational Strategy15

Human Resource Approach...

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