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" Star Apple Leaves because Paste”

An Investigatory Task

Presented for the Class of

Mr. Marjim Dela Jones

Biological Technology


Offered By

Nathaniel Abaya Sanchez

September 12, 2014

" Star Apple Leaves because Paste”

A. Purpose

It makes my examine important cause it can be used in many ways, such as pasting works, designing, painting & other things. Likewise its not expensive but it can give us low price. Like different paste or perhaps glue, in addition, it useful in our economic.. N. Procedure

First, you should prepare all of the equipment that you will use to the project. Collect as many leaves of a superstar apple. Then, cut it together with the knife. Press the stoke of the leaves. put the get in the close container. And then repeat the subsequent procedures until the close container will be full. C. Result

The researcher watch that the remove of a superstar apple leaves can be use as substance, it is also within our community because it contains alkaloid, botanical, resinic acid solution and a bitter substances that can be use as insert. I use the paste from the extract of star apple leaves in paper, model boards and others D. Conclusion

Therefore I conclude that the get of Superstar Apple (Chrysophyllum cainito) leaves can be used since paste and it is environment friendly. Just like other substance it is also quite effective.

" The Feasibility of Cigarette Filtration system as Glue”

A. Purpose

This kind of experiment should develop a merchandise that would act as an alternative for a few expensive business glue. There are numerous people-using cigarette and after employing they simply toss aside a cigarette while walking not convinced that it can be recycle and applied. Commercial glue is relatively pricey because the materials used in developing are tissue from animals.

B. Treatment

Gather all the materials

Taken off the cover that attached to the filtration system

Wash the filters by water

Dried the filters within the heat from the Sun

Cut the filters in tiny...

Difference Among Needs Would like and Needs and the Various Factors That Influence Human Consumption Article