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 Jamba Juice Essay

Jamba Juice Company

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Laxmi Baraili / Renata Goncales

Instructor: Phil cannella Cho

Course: BUS504 Operation and Supply String Management

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Jamba Juice Business


Jamba Juice can be described as retailer of beverage and food offerings, owns, operates, and franchises stores in US and various countries. It's the first ever firm to offer drink products made out of fresh and natural fruits. Jamba Juice was created and founded in 04 1990 by Kirk Pas, an avid bicyclist and healthier lifestyle counsel who opened up his 1st store in San Luis Obispo. It absolutely was incorporated in 1990 because Juice Club, Inc.  in San Luis Diocesis, California. Presently, there are 809 stores internationally, Canada, South Korea and Philippines. OBJECTIVE:

" To get the planet's leading blender of fruit and other naturally healthy substances. ”� BELIEFS:

" F. We. B. Elizabeth. R which stands for fun, integrity, benefits, excellence and results. ” Products and Services

It offers fruit smoothies, refreshing juices and teas, coconut water, hot oatmeal constructed with organic metallic cut rolled oats, organic tea lattes, fruit and veggie smoothies, frozen yogurts, breakfast wraps, salads, sandwiches, Cal flatbreads, and various snacks and treats; provides catering services for people who do buiness meetings, corporate getaways, client luncheons, and other events. " Boosts" happen to be added healthy supplementation, like extra dietary fiber or calcium supplement and there are increases that can be included in the smoothies. The idea of enhances in the products is a very innovative idea and Jamba drink is the only 1 company under. It is a great edge when people know what kind of healthy element they are getting in their very own food. Procedure

For the operational uses, the circulation of sequence of...

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