Buddha, His Life and Teachings

 Buddha, His Life and Teachings Article

AB Theology III

March 2013

Relative Religion and Cults

The idea of Salvation in Hinduism


The concept of salvation exists in just about all religions in its own distinctive way. The principal purpose of all religions is to provide solution to their supporters and the presence of many diverse religions shows that there is a fantastic variety of thought about what comprises salvation as well as the means of reaching it.

The term solution can be significantly used in reference to so many religions, however , demonstrates it distinguishes a idea common to males and females of a broad variety of cultural traditions. The monotheistic religions state that barrier between human and God can be described as sin. The monotheistic

religions determine salvation while entering a situation of everlasting communion with God, which means that personhood are not abolished nevertheless perfected. However , they vary greatly in route one can be saved and the function Jesus Christ features in that. According to Judaism and Islam, solution is gained by performing good actions and pursuing the moral rules. According to Christianity this is simply not enough as well as the role of Jesus Christ as Savior is vital.

Hindus view solution differently to Christians. Pertaining to Hindus the problem is attachment for the material areas of this world. Within Hinduism, a person should be treated of the limitless cycle of reincarnations and be released in the great One particular, Brahman, to get synonymous with this supreme being. The entire body reincarnates via body to body until it achieves this final relieve which " is obtained when it is thought that zero self is present in the body in addition to the one general self”

--Salvation, for the Hindu, could be achieved in a single of 3 ways: The Way of Functions, The Way of Knowledge, or The Method of Devotion. The Way of Works- karma marga, is a path to salvation through religious duty. The pattern of Knowledge- yet another way of reaching salvation inside the Hindu feeling is...

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