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Computer Applications Technology/P2


DBE/November 2010

RECOMMENDATIONS AND DATA 1 . 2 . 3. This kind of question paper consists of SECTION A and SECTION N. Answer The questions. Number the answers correctly according to the numbering system found in this question paper. Commence EACH issue on a FRESH page.


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Computer Applications Technology/P2


DBE/November 2010

SECTION A QUESTION 1: MATCHING PRODUCTS Choose a term/concept from COLUMN B that matches a description in COLUMN A. Write the particular letter (A – R) next for the question amount (1. you – 1 . 10) in the ANSWER BOOK, for example 1 ) 11 H. COLUMN THE 1. 1 A device that gives more plug-ins to a computer system for devices such as a mouse, printer, key pad and expensive disk The component in charge of the control of all info and guidance on a computer system A way of mailing messages and attachments via a computer network A program that allows one to possess conversations using a network, like the Internet A tool that can be used as being a temporary way to obtain power for computers if you have a electrical power failure A text file containing advice about the user's tastes and options regarding a certain website Application that handles and controls all the actions and methods on a computer system A short message sent by means of Twitter O 1 . 9 A small touch-sensitive device frequently used on notebook computers as an alternative to a mouse The size of a typical mp3 format file L network (10 x 1) [10] S Q 1 . 10 MMS cookie three hundred KB A B C D Electronic F 1 ) 4 G H 1 ) 5 We J 1 ) 6 E L 1 ) 7 M N 1 ) 8 UPS tweet stylus pen touch pad program software 4 GIG RAM CENTRAL PROCESSING UNIT driver plan Skype UNIVERSAL SERIES BUS hub surge protector e-mail operating system LINE B

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1 ) 3

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Computer system Applications Technology/P2


DBE/November 2010

QUESTION a couple of: MULTIPLE-CHOICE QUERIES Various options are offered as possible answers to the pursuing questions. Choose the answer and write the particular letter (A – D) next towards the question quantity (2. you – installment payments on your 10) in the ANSWER BOOK, for example installment payments on your 11 Elizabeth. 2 . 1 Which ONE with the following might typically be the best gadget or medium to use to backup a complete hard drive? A B C D installment payments on your 2 Expensive disk DVD AND BLU-RAY SD card External hard drive

The reason behind using a device is that it … A B C D provides a firewall. allows the computer to deliver and acquire data via a telephone line. acts as a power origin to the pc. allows multiple devices being connected to a private computer.

2 . 3

The URL of an online site refers to … A M C M the relative ranking with the website by a search engine. the password required to access the web site. an address that pinpoints a website on the Internet. the e-mail treat of the web marketer of the site.

2 . 5

Which ONE of the following documents does NOT have a extendable that has been pressurized? A B C G mpeg zero jpeg rtf

2 . 5

Which ONE of the following elements will probably enhance the performance of a PC one of the most? A N C M Increasing the refresh price of the keep an eye on Adding a DVD travel Installing anti virus software Adding more memory (RAM)

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Computer Applications Technology/P2

your five NSC

DBE/November 2010

installment payments on your 6

What kind of the subsequent may NOT be employed as a databases in a mail merge? A B C D A worksheet within a spreadsheet A written report in a database A table in a word finalizing document A query in a databases

2 . six

Which ONE in the following could be the most suitable example of a good, safeguarded password? A B C D AD12 Mary Q4%61y9! 0825545612

2 . 8

What kind of the next fields in a table within a database made up of records of clients is the best example of your field wherever an insight mask could possibly be used? A B C D The surname of any client The address of any...

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