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Leonardo Da Vinci Unraveled

Leonardo's life spanned the the middle of 15th and early 16th centuries, a period of time known as the Renaissance. During this time, artsy, social, clinical and political thought shifted from the lack of knowledge and superstition of the Ancient to embrace reason, scientific research, learning and tolerance.

Created in Italia on Apr 15, 1452 in the small mountain town of Vinci, Leonardo was the son of the lawyer. This individual grew up exposed to a tradition of painting. Old wives tales advise that when Leonardo was fresh, his dad asked him to fresh paint a picture of the shield. Leonardo thought it could be much more interesting to color a creature. He accumulated lizards, bats and other deceased animals and tried to reproduce them to make his work of genius. He don't even realize that the animals were decaying as he painted. When his father observed the painting, he was thankful for its realism and realized that Leonardo must be a great artist.

Leonardo also tried light and shadow in his artwork to recreate the 3-dimensional kind of objects. His paintings were among the first to demonstrate changes in the depth and color of an object to create an optical illusion of interesting depth and range. His most well-known artworks are the Baptism of Christ, The Mona Lisa, The past Supper as well as the Adoration of Three Kings.

An important facet of Leonardo's are an specialist was his ability to combine art and science. He used his knowledge of body structure and his findings of how things moved and appeared naturally to complement his art. Considering that the 19th century, Western tradition has considered art and science as separate schools of thought. A large number of consider Leonardo's work to symbolize the former express of unanimity between the two disciplines

Leonardo the Scientist 
During the later years of his life, Leonardo was more fascinated by science than he was simply by art. Leonardo was not limited by the technology of his time. This individual studied and thought of tips that were possible. One of his greatest accomplishments is the variety of topics that...

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