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How do the symbols/the method the text ends reinforce Barkers ideas, ideals, and beliefs in Border Crossing? Concepts: Children and Violence, Rehab versus consequence, crossing of private and specialist borders, chance of change. Icons: Water, fire, rabbits, hens, the sibel, dreams, Danny's background, Lindesfarne episode, Danny at the end, eclectic ending Water/River Tyne: Prospect of change

Normal water symbolises uncertainness, power control (How Jeff feels with Danny). Explanation at end also provides this symbolism (Did Danny change, or does this individual still have that control over Tom). River Tyne, literally experiences change/develops (River also symbolises Tom's enhancements made on his life). Evidence: Components of blue plastic material, half bricks, a seagull's torn side. (page2) As he fought the river that pushed him under, tossed him regarding, slapped him to and fro across the face, as an interrogator treatment up his victim. (page 4) Having been thinking that Danny had won (page 273) Spikes of normal water, laced with foam, inundated the road looking at him. He splashed through them, gagging from the efforts. (page 274) Even the lake had transformed. The falling apart jetties and quays were demolished, pathways laid, forest planted. (page 276) Otters. He could hardly believe this. Otters on the Tyne (page 276) – Refers to Elspeth's earlier information of Danny. " This individual took somebody with hypothermia, and put them next into a blazing hot fire. (page 177) Fish pond incident (pg 58 – 63): Borders crossed among morals – what is right and incorrect (Tom certainly not feeling accountable for what had taken place). Environment inducing crime – no matter environment all children are capable of carrying out crime (Tom middle categorised, realised just how easy it had been for offense to be committed). Evidence: Acquired he noted at the time what he was carrying out was wrong? Yes, definitely. Kids can be quite cruel. Not really, I can end up being very inappropriate. The feeling of moral responsibility was lacking. The person who would done that was not sufficiently like his...

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