Loss In The Secret Big cat

 Essay regarding Loss Inside the Secret Lion

п»їMuhamed Ayodeji

Mr. Goldberg

English 1020

April on the lookout for, 2014

Reduction in the Secret Lion

How many people today have lost something that they valued? Damage is an occurrence we will almost all experience in a certain stage of our life time, as it is unavoidable. It will cause misery, woe, anguish and depressive disorder rather than happiness. Once skilled, one need to conquer this loss and advance anytime. Whether it's a loss of superb or little magnitude, moving forward depends on how the particular individual handles the specific situation. We are all various and react through distinct mediums. Inside the story The key Lion, mcdougal, Alberto Alvaro Rios uses symbolism to exhibit how the twelve- year old boy- the protagonist and his good friend Sergio discover how to accept reduction.

The initially and most obvious symbol described by the author in the story is the magic formula lion. It's not a real lion. The trick lion presents things which might be important plus the secret areas of those things are unexplained. The trick lion is a symbol of the process of developing up and understanding that adjustments come with failures. The narrator states that after he was 14, " a thing happened that people didn't possess a name for, but it was presently there non-etheless just like a lion, and roaring, roaring that way the most important things perform. ”(Rios 401). Here in the storyplot, we learned about the two boys' transformation by elementary school to middle university; the narrator's first encounter with change and his incapability to comprehend what was taking place around in his environment. For example , he discovered that he and Sergio got difficulties communicating with girls similar to the way they may in grammar school. The males had come to a point wherever they discovered females sexually attractive. This made all of them feel stressed while they spoke to girls and resulted in all of them avoiding connection. The narrator states that " And we saw ladies now, nevertheless they weren't a similar girls all of us use to understand because we couldn't speak with them any more, not the same approach we utilized to. ” (Rios 401).

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