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" Mad Girl's Love Song” by Sylvia Plath is known as a poem with regards to a girl who spent her whole life awaiting a man the girl gave herself to, against her values, who was never to return. The most visible unit the author employed is replication. One key phrase the narrator repeats is definitely " I do believe I made you up inside my head. ” The emphasis replication puts on this kind of quote would be that the narrator is wishing that the man is composed, and trying to convince himself of it. The quotes represent that these are thoughts with her, and not out loud, which means she actually is trying to influence herself it is true. The narrator also repeats the queue, " I actually shut my own eyes and all the earth drops dead. ” This, combined with the reference to God, and Satan, means that obtaining " into bed” with all the man the narrator was speaking to was a sin, and for that reason they under no circumstances married. When the narrator tries to sleep, " All the world drops dead, ” which could stand for nightmares and visions of hell since she feels guilt ridden for her bad thing. Plath uses repetition to emphasize certain keyword phrases so the audience can decipher the true which means.

The first thing that struck me personally with this poem is a title, " Mad Women's Love Track. ” The title has two underlying meanings. One, the lady is mad, or furious, about the love in her life. This is true, because the narrator is very raise red flags to that your woman gave their self to a person who still left her. Likewise, that the woman is angry, or insane, over convincing herself that the lover can be " built up” and exist. Second about this poem that trapped my focus is the author, Sylvia Plath, who is incredibly emotional and troubled. We liked the religious undertones of the composition, which signify that sex before matrimony is a trouble to the narrator, and she is regretting her actions. " Mad Ladies Love Song” is cynical view on a negative relationship.

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