Silk Highway Patterns of Interactions

 Silk Highway Patterns of Interactions Dissertation

Composition Jack Master

The Man made fiber Road from the period of 200bce to 1450ce had a large number of patterns of interaction that change and stayed the same over time. The patterns of interaction that changed over 200bce to 1450ce had been the safety from the roads because of expansion of presidency with defensive borders. Items that were exchanged along the Man made fiber Road improved during the years 200bce to 1450ce. Finally religion exchange on the Man made fiber Road altered during the years of 200bce to 140ce. The patterns of Interaction that stayed continuous throughout the Cotton Road were that it often was used to get trading. That always associated Europe to Asia. Last but not least the palmeral towns were always utilized by the merchants along the Silk Road.

The Silk Road's patterns of interaction improved over the years of 200bce to 1450ce. The safety of the roads changed often times. At first the roads were dangerous mainly because no Empire or express had control of the property along the Man made fibre roads allowing for bandits to live in unclaimed area. Later the borders of states grew with government to protect all their borders as well as the safety with the roads. Then your fall of Rome made traveling over the dangerous once again, later even so the Byzantine nonetheless traded within the Silk Road. After the show up, the Mongols were overcoming new land making it dangerous again. Later on after the Mongols finished conquering the property they built a government that would encourage merchants traveling again by causing the tracks safer since they recognized the important of trading to benefit all their economy. Items which were exchanged along the Man made fibre Road changed. At first the Silk Road was used by Romans to trade with China for silk and pottery as a swap for silver and gold. Silk was a highly lauded clothe by the Romans resulting in the Silk Road for trading. Later the Muslims did start to use the Man made fiber Road bring, ivory, platinum, and slaves to be bought and sold. The Muslims got the ivory, platinum, and slaves by forex trading with Africa. Lastly the compass, gunpowder,...

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