Supervision Marketing Trainee Report: Flexituff International Limited

 Management Advertising Trainee Report: Flexituff Foreign Limited Composition

Induction Statement

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April 2010

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Mr. Vikas Sinha Sunil Verma

Sr. Manager MarketingManagement Trainee- Promoting

Flexituff Intternational Limited Flexituff Intternational Limited

Departments visited

1 . HRD

2 . Tape Plant

several. Multifilament

four. HDN Weaving loom

5. Needle Loom

6. Lamination/Liner

7. Q/A Test


9. Store

Flexituff Intercontinental Limited is a private limited company featuring its manufacturing facility in SEZ, Pithampur. It is the greatest Manufacturing facility of PP Weaved Sack on the globe. Certifications achieved by FLEXITUFF

ISO- 9001: 2008 (For the making facility)

ISO- 14000 (For the Environment)

ISO- 9000 (Quality)

ISO- 22000 (Fabric)


The HRD division here manages a lot of activities-

• Recruiting new staff

• Appraisal/Salary/ Incentive/ performance Evaluation

• Setting up Daily Presence

• Preparing/ Disbursing Income

• Preparing a change in the process/ machine.

• Motivating employees and so on.


The products manufactured by Flexituff International Limited are while follows-

FIBCs (coated/uncoated)

Contact form Stable Baffle Bags

Type Fitted Liner Bags

Glued Liner hand bags

Conductive Type C Carriers

Dissipative Type D Hand bags

Type C +D Luggage

Sling Carriers

Drum Carriers

Asbestos hand bags

Container Liner Bags

Food Grade Hand bags

Tunnel Lift up Bags

Builder Bags

PP / Newspaper Sandwich Carriers

Sand Hand bags

BOPP Branded Bags

Backyard Waste Bags

Carry Bags

1 . Recording Plant

You will discover 5 recording plants in the SEZ Product. The production potential of which are as follows- Capacity displayed is of one particular shift (8 Hrs. )

1 . 2600 Kg. of Tape

2 . 2300 Kg. of Strapping

3. 1600 Kg. of Tape

some. 1000 Kg. of Mp3

5. 3500 Kg. of Tape

Process-Flow Diagram- Recording Plant

The raw materials are mixed in the hopper/ mixer machine (the proportion based on the quality of bag as required by the client) Then they will be passed through a barrel the place that the mixed materials is then warmed to dissolve form this is followed by the Screen changer machine. This kind of screen player machine then separates the impurities by using a filter. The melted material is here converted into a very thin layer, which is required to amazing at 38(C, which is created by passing the film with a tank of cold drinking water. This film is then passed through the Mp3 Extruder machine, which slashes the film into the required segments. This kind of film is now passed through the cutter, which usually again reduces the film into the required tape since required by the client this tape moves through initial Godet also known as the rollers. These rollers elongate the tape, which is now passed through the hot oven to provide the tape the mandatory properties as required in the tape at 156(C. The tape coming out of the hot range is exceeded though the 2nd and 3 rd Godet and they are generally further cooled down in air flow to 40(C and finally they may be collected in the Bobbins being a roll.

Raw Materials include-

CaCo3 (Calcium Carbonate) this provides the stretching quality of the recording. LDPE/ HDPE- this material provides the softness inside the tape. LDPE (Low Denseness Polyethylene)- Employed when low strength bag is required HDPE (High Density Polyethylene)- Utilized when high strength bag is necessary. UV (Ultra-Violet)- Added to shield the bag from the dangerous UV rays from the sun. The UV rays when ever exposed to get a prolong time deteorates the effectiveness of the tote. PPA- Thermoplastic-polymer Additive-

The composition of the above elements differs via product to product as per the requirements from the customer.

Recording terminology-



Thickness of the tape

Spacer Size

Stretching Percentage

Annealing Rate

Bobbin Size

2 . Multifilament Tape Flower

It is only tape plant that is used to receive twisted recording in the facility. The twisted tape delivers strength for the bags because they are used in sewing and hamming of the hand bags.

Process-Flow Diagram- Multi-Filament Tape Plant.

1 ) Mixer: The raw...

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