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U. S Efforts to Improve The hawaiian islands

* Full Kamehameha III

* Daniel Webster

5. Grover Cleveland

* Minister Stevens

* Benjamin Harrison

* David L. Dahon

* Dole Fruit Company

* Kapu System and Ali'is

* Queen Lydia Kamakaeha Liliuokalani

* King Kamehameha III

* Daniel Webster

2. Grover Cleveland

* Ressortchef (umgangssprachlich) Stevens

2. Benjamin Harrison

* Ruben L. Stevens

* Dole Fruit Company

* Kapu System and Ali'is

* Queen Lydia Kamakaeha Liliuokalani

Hawaii started to be a U. S terrain.

Hawaii started to be a U. S territory.







The U. S. annexed Hawaii. Hawaiians lost their particular land towards the United States, but improved their quality of life The U. S i9000. annexed Hawaii. Hawaiians dropped their land to the Usa, but superior their standard of living

Setting the Stage:

During the period 1778 to 1893, a conflict more than trade developed between the U. S. and Hawaii. Improved trade led to U. H. trying to colonize Hawaii. Colonization refers to an establishment of settler colonies, trading, and plantations far away. Colonization resulted in conflict between settlers and the native Hawaiians. The conflict was finally resolved if the U. S i9000. annexed Hawaii islands in 1893.

Who 1st settled Beautiful hawaii?

Figure you: Polynesian Going Vessel

Figure 1: Hawaiian Sailing Boat

Archeological discoveries suggest that the settlement of Hawaii involved two ocean of Polynesian migration. Historians believe that the Polynesian people came from the South Pacific cycles centuries before Cook found its way to Hawaii. Initially were the Marquesas that settled in Hawaii in 600 or perhaps 700 ADVERTISEMENT. The second say came from the Society Islands in regarding 1100 ADVERTISING. " Inadequate instruments of navigation or charts or all kinds, the Polynesians sailed in to vast seas.  They will staked their very own lives on their very own knowledge of the sky as well as its stars, the ocean and its power, the trip of chickens, and many other all-natural signs.  They were the superior seamen of their time. ” (Hawaiian History)

United states of america motives to get colonizing Hawaii islands:

Hawaii has got the finest harbor and coaling station inside the mid-Pacific. In 1851, California king Kamehameha 3 had secretly asked america to annex Hawaii, but the Secretary of State, Daniel Webster, declined. (United States Becomes a Globe Power: The Annexation of Hawaii) Down the line, due to the U. S. is actually desire to grow, the government agreed to annex Hawaii. With the annexation, the U. S. guaranteed access to that which was to become Pearl Harbor. Pearl Harbor is among the best slots in the world.


Keep track of the motives simply by creating a head map

Taking Notes

Keep track of the motives by creating a mind map

Why did America want The hawaiian islands? Ships entered the Gulf of mexico to trade in Asia. The Navy blue needed bases along the Gulf of mexico trade path where that they could stop, refuel, and resupply. The hawaiian islands in the Gulf of mexico are important halts for coal, supplies and repairs. In the South Pacific cycles, the American Navy asked the legal rights to have bases on Half way and Samoa. The Hawaii Islands are the closest area to America with a good harbor. Hawaii changed into an important end for the U. T. Merchant Marine and the Pacific Fleet. Figure 2: Hawaiian Islands

Number 2: Hawaii Islands

Revenue for Exclusive Business Owners: " In the early 1800s, missionaries from New England built the difficult voyage to Hawaii and settled there. They delivered back news of fantastic financial possibilities inside the islands. Soon other People in america followed to be sugar planters and to establish profitable businesses. ” (Footholds in the Pacific) Competition via Europe: Throughout the 1830s, Europe followed up Captain Cook's journey with frequent visits to Hawaii. These countries namely England and France began to force The hawaiian islands to accept treaties giving Europeans economic positive aspects. In 1842, Secretary of State Daniel...

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