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Midland Strength Resources, Inc.

Cost of Capital

Table of Contents

I actually. Executive Brief summary

II. Launch

III. Cost of Capital

IV. Risk & Tax Price

V. Capital Structures


VII. Conclusion

VIII. References

We. Executive Overview

Midland Strength Resources is a global strength company with operations in oil and gas exploration and production(E& P) offering a broad array of products and services to upstream coal and oil customers around the world including improving and promoting (R& M), natural gas, and petrochemicals. Janet Mortensen, the senior vice president of project finance intended for Midland Energy Resources must determine the weighted normal cost of capital (WACC) intended for the company as a whole and each of its partitions as part of the total annual capital budgeting process. Numerous considerations must be evaluated since risk factors when establishing the cost-of capital. 2. Introduction

Midland Energy Assets is a leading global energy developer dedicated to providing advanced power devices and energy services around the world. Midland Energy Resources features three partitions Exploration & Production, Improving & Promoting, and Petrochemicals. They have been included more than one hundred twenty years previously and they have 80, 500 employees in 2007. Pursuit & Creation business incorporate oil and natural gas exploration and discipline development and production is there most rewarding business while using highest net margin in the industry over the previous 5 years. With continued growth objectives Midland is set to increase capital spending to fulfill growing require. Midland's functions include 40 refineries with distillation capability of 5. 0 , 000, 000 barrels every day. However with Midland marketing an extensive range of refined oil products worldwide they rank the largest division and investments will remain steady. Petrochemicals are substance products created from raw materials of petroleum. Even though, petrochemical is an extremely large growing business Midland's...

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