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 Media Sitcom Analysis Composition

Sitcom Trailer Analysis

The majority of TELEVISION SET sitcoms, presented their studio-bound nature, relatively small finances and brief shooting instances will not show a particularly distinctive visual design.

The clip I possess chosen (Scrubs Trailer) uses conventional framing, with many mid-shot and medium close-ups, combined with common methods of ongoing editing. This allows the audience to understand the actions, without attracting attention to the process of the construction. The show can be shot using a single-camera installation instead of a multiple-camera setup even more typical intended for situation comedies.

This sitcom favours simple slashes and keeps the rules of continuous editing and enhancing. This is accustomed to control time, tell the storyplot and to give attention to the much less important several characters. It helps to create comedy from the activities and discussion on display screen especially when the primary characters happen to be shown throughout the hospital linking the various displays.

With this clip the cameras lower from one landscape to another which will helps to recommend a marriage between shots alongside the other person. The clip dissolves between the opening shot of the away from the hospital towards the inner hospital which allows the viewer to understand that the clips are linked even though they are really separated by space.

The music plays a sizable role in Scrubs. A multitude of rock, put, and indie artists are presented, and almost every episode ends with a musical montage summing up the themes and storyline lines with the episode. Furthermore to music being presented as a soundtrack to the present, the cast themselves also sing over a frequent basis, which occurs in the middle scene of this trailer including further musical devices as stage sets.

The opening sequence displays rolling atmosphere above the clinic with mood music to get you interested in what is to come. The narrators' voice in this cut echos the comedy and are is a not diegetic audio. Silly voices and the vocal singing scene are more comfortable with add funny effect. The mix of the...

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