OCSM Week 4 Questions

 OCSM Week 4 Inquiries Essay


Questions 1, 2, 3, and four on page 249.

1 . What is the difference between supply chain supervision and demand management? Supply chain supervision is concerned with the design and management of value-added procedure that not simply cut across organizational limitations but has to be tightly integrated to allow information and supplies to flow and be implemented within and across them. Demand supervision refers to decisions that are delivered to affect the amounts demanded of one or more item that are offered by a source chain. 2 . Define the provision chains for the following goods from the 1st source of unprocessed trash to the last customer: a. Big Mac

b. Gasoline

c. Automobile repair

deb. A book

3. Why is source chain administration an important location to study? How can the features of purchasing and logistics lead to supply sequence performance? 4. How do lead times and forecast mistakes affect source chain performance?

a. Inquiries 10, doze, 15, and 18 on-page 250.

12. Suppose managing has decided to improve supply chain framework. How might you decide which from the five approaches to structural improvement to use? 12. Relate off-shoring to outsourced workers to global sourcing.

15. Explain precisely what is meant by cross-docking, and describe the associated rewards. 18. How can the entire source chain take advantage of the use of e-procurement?

b. Inquiries 1, 2, 4, 6, 10, and 13 on page 276.

1 ) Is there a big difference between predicting demand and forecasting product sales? Can require be prediction from historic sales data? 2 . What is the difference between predicting and preparing? How can companies become baffled over forecasting when this distinction can be not clear? some – Qualitative forecasting methods should be used only being a last resort. Acknowledge or argue? Comment.

6 – Qualitative forecasts and causal forecasts are not specifically useful because inputs to inventory and scheduling decisions. Why is this kind of statement accurate?

10 -- Describe the...

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